Abu Dhabi Pro Canadian Championships and ADCC Canadian at the MMA Expo

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ADCCCanada Trials

Abu Dhabi Pro Canadian Championships andADCC Canadian qualifiers to be held on the same weekend at the MMA Expo inToronto, Ontario Canada.

ABu Dhabi Pro CanadaAbu Dhabi Pro Canada

For the first time in grappling history, two of the sports top competitionswill be held together at the MMA Expo being held in Toronto,Canada. The AbuDhabi Pro Canadian Championships will be an avenue for competitors to competeand get accustomed to the format of the Abu dhabi Pro style tournaments.Although this is not an official world qualifier, the event will be offeringone trip (all expenses paid) to the winner of the Purple/Brown/Black beltdivision. For more information on this event please visit:

Also, the Canadian Qualifiers return to Canada! That’s right….this will be oneof the first ADCC qualifiers for the 2011 World Championships. This event is apre-qualifier with the winners receiving a guaranteed spot in the upcomingNorth American trials! The ADCC worlds gets bigger and better every year, andthe Canadian qualifiers promises to deliver just the same. For more informationon this event please visit:

And don’t forget, the tournaments will be featured in one of the largest Exposfor MMA in the world. With all the latest Fight Brands being represented foryou to gear up and tons of chances to meet and train with some of your favoritefighters courtesy of the Paradise Warrior Retreat :

For more information on the MMA EXPO please visit:

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