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Baret Yoshida is one of the biggest staples in ADCC history, competing in an unprecedented 10 ADCC world events. Baret Yoshida is a 2X silver medalist and bronze medalist.

Mark Kerr is a 4X ADCC champion with an outstanding record of 12-1 in ADCC. Kerr is also a NCAA wrestling champion with a very successful MMA career.

Rubens Charles is a 3X ADCC champion and would start his title run in 2013 when he defeated Rafa in a 40 min finals match. Cobrinha won 3 consecutive division titles.

Kyra Gracie is a 3X ADCC champion who never lost a match in her division. She is also the youngest ADCC female champion, winning her first ADCC title on her 20th birthday.

Roger Gracie is the only person in ADCC history to double gold with 100% submission rate, His historic run through the 2005 ADCC championship is one of the best in history.

Renzo Gracie is a 5X ADCC veteran and a 2X ADCC champion. He won ADCC golds in 1998 and 2000. Renzo is an icon of ADCC because of his legendary matches and his warrior spirit.

Saulo Ribeiro is a 6 time ADCC veteran who won ADCC gold twice with a silver and bronze medal. Saulo was a fierce competitor who had some historic matches in ADCC.

Braulio Estima is a 3X ADCC champion, winning double gold in 2009 and then winning a superfight against Jacare. His double gold run in 2009 is arguably the second best in ADDC.

André Galvão has won more titles than any other competitor in ADCC history, 6 titles. He holds the record with 4 superfight wins. Galvao hasn’t lost a fight in ADCC since 2009.

Royler Gracie was the first person in ADCC to ever win a division 3X in a row. He was the first ADCC 66 KG superstar with only one defeat in his ADCC career.

Marcelo Garcia is a 4X ADCC champion and an absolute silver medalist. He is the only man to win the division 4 times and maintaining a submission rate of over 70%.

Ricardo Arona is a 4X ADCC champion who has won -99 KG division twice, the absolute division and a superfight. He was undefeated in ADCC and he never had a point scored on him.

Dean Lister has the highest ADCC submission rate of 84% and achieving ADCC triple crown (winning division, absolute & superfight). Dean was also a pioneer of leg locks in ADCC.

Rafael Mendes burst onto ADCC in 2009, subbing everyone up to the finals where he would beat the legendary Cobrinha. He was the youngest (19 years of age) champion in ADCC.

Mario Sperry is a 4X ADCC champion and he is the first superstar of ADCC, he double golded at the first ADCC back in 1998. Ze Mario would go on to win 2 consecutive super fights.