ADCC Competition Format

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Competition Format

  • The deadline for the registration is a week before the event.
  • The brackets with the fight numbers have to be done one day before the weigh-in.
  • One weigh-in place and scale, where the fighters can check their weights before the tournament starts, the area have to be separated so that only the fighter and his coach can have access to the area, no outsiders.
  • Two runners for each mat (bring fighters for weigh-in, to the mats and fill brackets).
  • For the trials, the referees will check the brackets.
  • The event needs to have a doctor present for the entire time of the tournament.
  • Two watches for each mat.
  • There must always be at least one full size mat area for warm up.
  • Each mat needs to have a head referee – and at least two additional referees.
  • All referees are obligated to work on the mat and on the points during the competitions.

Check List for Weigh-In

Fighters must have when arriving:

  • ID (passport, driver’s license etc.).
  • Receipt of payment for tournament.
  • Equipment must be clean and in good shape.
  • Short nails.

Fighters are called-in two fights before their own, so one pair fighting, next pair waiting behind referee table and third pair in weigh-in check.

Fighters have to give ID to the referee’s table and they will get it back after the fight.

All the Fighters have to hold an original passport of the Country (Continent) where the Qualifier is organized in order to compete in this Qualifier.