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Male - ADCC Champions

(-145.2 lbs)
(-169.5 lbs)
(-193.7 lbs)
(-218 lbs)
(+220.5 lbs)
2017Flag-Brazil Rubens CharlesFlag-United States JT TorresFlag-United States Gordon RyanFlag-Brazil Yuri SimoesFlag-Brazil Marcus AlmeidaFlag-Brazil Felipe Pena
2015Flag-Brazil Rubens CharlesFlag-Brazil Davi RamosFlag-Brazil Yuri SimoesFlag-Brazil Rodolfo VieiraFlag-United States Orlando SanchezFlag-Brazil Claudio Calasans
2013Flag-Brazil Rubens CharlesFlag-Brazil Kron GracieFlag-Brazil Romulo BarralFlag-Brazil Joao AssisFlag-Brazil Marcus AlmeidaFlag-Brazil Roberto Abreu
2011Flag-Brazil Rafael MendesFlag-Brazil Marcelo GarciaFlag-Brazil Andre GalvaoFlag-United States Dean ListerFlag-Brazil Vinny MagalhaesFlag-Brazil Andre Galvao
2009Flag-Brazil Rafael MendesFlag-United States Pablo PopovichFlag-Brazil Braulio EstimaFlag-Brazil Xande RibeiroFlag-Brazil Fabricio WerdumFlag-Brazil Braulio Estima
2007Flag-Brazil Rani YahyaFlag-Brazil Marcelo GarciaFlag-Brazil Demian MaiaFlag-Brazil Xande RibeiroFlag-Brazil Fabricio WerdumFlag-United States Robert Drysdale
2005Flag-Brazil Leo VieiraFlag-Brazil Marcelo GarciaFlag-Brazil Ronaldo JacareFlag-Brazil Roger GracieFlag-United States Jeff MonsonFlag-Brazil Roger Gracie
2003Flag-Brazil Leo VieiraFlag-Brazil Marcelo GarciaFlag-Brazil Saulo RibeiroFlag-Norway John OlavFlag-Brazil Pe De PanoFlag-United States Dean Lister
2001Flag-Brazil Royler GracieFlag-Brazil Marcio FeitosaFlag-Japan Kikuta SanaeFlag-Brazil Ricardo AronaFlag-South Africa Mark RobinsonFlag-Brazil Ricardo Arona
2000Flag-Brazil Royler GracieFlag-Brazil Renzo GracieFlag-Brazil Saulo RibeiroFlag-Brazil Ricardo AronaFlag-United States Mark KerrFlag-United States Mark Kerr
1999Flag-Brazil Royler GracieFlag-Brazil Jean J. MachadoFlag-Dagestan Kareem BarkalaevFlag-United States Jeff MonsonFlag-United States Mark KerrFlag-Brazil Roberto Traven
1998Flag-Brazil Alexandre SocaFlag-Brazil Renzo GracieFlag-Brazil Rodrigo GracieFlag-Brazil Mario SperryFlag-United States Ricco RodriguezFlag-Brazil Mario Sperry

Female - ADCC Champions

(-132.2 lbs)
(+132.2 lbs)
(closed division)
(closed division)
(closed division)
(closed division)
2017Flag-Brazil Beatriz MesquitaFlag-Brazil Gabrielle Garcia
2015Flag-United States Mackenzie DernFlag-Brazil Ana Laura Cordeiro
2013Flag-Brazil Michelle NicoliniFlag-Brazil Gabrielle Garcia
2011Flag-Brazil Kyra GracieFlag-Brazil Gabrielle Garcia
2009Flag-Brazil Luanna AlzuguirFlag-Brazil Hannette Staack
2007Flag-Brazil Kyra GracieFlag-Japan Sayaka ShiodaFlag-Brazil Hannette StaackFlag-South Africa Penny ThomasFlag-Brazil Hannette Staack
2005Flag-Brazil Kyra GracieFlag-Brazil Juliana BorgesFlag-Brazil Juliana Borges

ADCC Superfight Winners

Main SuperfightADCC Stars SuperfightADCC Stars Superfight
2017Flag-Brazil Andre GalvaoFlag-Brazil Renzo GracieFlag-United States Chael Sonnen
2015Flag-Brazil Andre GalvaoFlag-Brazil Ricardo Liborio
2013Flag-Brazil Andre GalvaoFlag-Brazil Mario Sperry
2011Flag-Brazil Braulio EstimaFlag-Brazil Mario Sperry
2009Flag-Brazil Ronaldo Souza
2007Flag-Brazil Roger Gracie
2005Flag-United States Dean Lister
2003Flag-Brazil Ricardo Arona
2001Flag-United States Mark Kerr
2000Flag-Brazil Mario Sperry
1999Flag-Brazil Mario Sperry
Flag-Brazil Andre Galvao 2011 (-88KG and Absolute)4 Times Winner3 Times Winner
Flag-Brazil Braulio Estima 2009 (-88KG and Absolute)Flag-Brazil Marcelo Garcia:  2003, 2005, 2007, 2011 (-77kg)Flag-Brazil Andre Galvao:  2013, 2015, 2017
Flag-Brazil Roger Gracie 2005 (-99KG and Absolute)3 Times Winner2 Times Winner
Flag-Brazil Ricardo Arona 2001 (-99KG and Absolute)Flag-Brazil Rubens Charles:  2013, 2015, 2017 (-66kg) Flag-Brazil Mario Sperry:  1999, 2000
Flag-United States Mark Kerr 2000 (+99KG and Absolute)Flag-Brazil Kyra Gracie:  2005, 2007, 2011 (W-60kg)
Flag-Brazil Mario Sperry 1998 (-99KG and Absolute)Flag-Brazil Royler Gracie:  1999, 2000, 2001 (-66kg)
Flag-Brazil Gabrielle Garcia:  2011, 2013, 2017 (W+60kg)
2 Times Winner
Flag-Brazil Yuri Simoes:  2015, 2017 (-88kg and -99kg)
Flag-Brazil Marcus Almeida:  2013, 2017 (+99kg)
Flag-Brazil Rafael Mendes:  2009, 2011 (-66kg)
Flag-Brazil Xande Ribeiro:  2007, 2009 (-99kg)
Flag-Brazil Fabricio Werdum: 2007, 2009 (+99kg)
Flag-Brazil Hannette Staack: 2007 (W-67kg), 2009 (W+60kg)
Flag-Brazil Leo Vieira:  2003, 2009 (-66kg)
Flag-Brazil Saulo Ribeiro:  2000, 2003 (-88kg)
Flag-Brazil Ricardo Arona:  2000, 2001 (-99kg)
Flag-United States Mark Kerr: 1999, 2000 (+99kg)
Flag-Brazil Renzo Gracie:  1998, 2000 (-77kg)
Flag-United States Jeff Monson: 1999 (-99kg), 2005 (+99kg)

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