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Açai Roots™ Introduces New nex4™ Pure Açaí Energy Shots

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SAN DIEGO, November 19, 2009 – Açai Roots™, aleading supplier of 100% natural Brazilian açaí (ah-SIGH-ee) pulp products,announces the launch of its unique nex4™ Açaí Energy Shots. Idealfor health-conscious on-the-go consumers, the energy shot provides ahealthy sustained boost of energy, packed with antioxidantsand vitamins derived of pure ingredients – including açaí, acerola,guarana and green tea.

Expanding on their full line of pure açaí products,Açai Roots is excited to launch this new product in the United States as thefirst of its kind. The nex4 energy shot tastes delicious while combining themost antioxidant-enriched superfoods in the world to create a powerful naturalenergy boost. The best part, there is no crash in energy levels like coffee andother caffeine-based products might give. The formula is perfect as an energyshot or for mixing with any liquid to make juices, shakes, smoothies or evenhealthy cocktails. Nex4 ready to drink formula is shelf-stable and is packagedin an economical 32 ounce bottle and 2 ounce shot size (packaged in a 12-pack and24-pack).

“The idea behind the shot was to develop aninnovative açaí product to our consumers. Something completely new, with whichthey would be extremely pleased,” said Igor de Freitas, CEO and co-founder at AçaiRoots, Inc.

Grown atop Amazon Riverpalm trees, the açaí berry is considered nature’s number one superfood based onits immense amount of antioxidants, healthy essential omegas, fibers, protein,calcium, vitamins A, E, and B6.

Açai Roots nex4 shots are available in thefinest smoothie, coffee shops, and local and major grocers, including but notlimited to, Whole Foods, Henrys, Publix, Max Muscle; soon expanding nationwide.Products are also available at www.acairoots.comand can be shipped to consumers, retailers or wholesalers throughout thecontinental United States.

Moreinformation about Açai Roots and its full product line can be found at

AboutAçai Roots

Açai Roots™ ( is a San Diego-based companythat supplies Amazon-grown açaí products. The company was founded in 2005 bythree “cariocas” (people born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) who wanted tobring the authentic and healthy Rio-style açaí to the United States. Growing upin Rio de Janeiro during the açaí boom (late 80’s and early 90’s) and not beingan açaí addict was virtually impossible for these three natives. Açai Roots’products are made from natural wild crafted açaí berries harvested from theBelem region in the State of Para, where Brazil produces its “cream of thecrop” açaí. The company manufactures and distributes a full line of pure açaí berry productsformulated to exact standards by native Brazilians. Açaí Roots is dedicated tosupporting the sustainable harvesting of açaí berries in the Brazilian Amazonto help protect the rainforest and support local communities in Brazil. Forinformation call (866) 401-2224 or visit

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