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Earning a 4 wins streak and a very controversial fight in UFC, Thales Leite gave us an interview talking about this fight against Nathan Marquardt, his next fight and more! the interview was conducted by Felipe Maurer de Barros

Planet Tatami: How many fights do you still have in your contract with UFC?

I have six fights more.

Planet Tatami: How is your training in Nova União?
It’s great as usual, with the whole crew training together.

Planet Tatami: Did you feel disappointed with Dean Lister’s injury? Do you wanna face him in a next opportunity? Is there any possibility for you to fight in UFN 15?

Yeah because he is an excellent fight and have a style that fit me perfectly, Jiu-Jitsu. I won’t fight UFN 15. I’ll fight Goran Reljic at UFC 90.

Planet Tatami: Talk about your fight against Nathan Marquardt.

It was a very controversial fight with a lot of illegal moves by Marquardt, but for me it’s already in the past and I’m focused in my next challenge.

Planet Tatami: Who do you think is gonna be the winner between Paulão/Sonnen?

Everything it’s possible, I guess. I prefer don’t opine on this but I’ll root for Paulão.

Planet Tatami: Regarding Anderson Silva X Patrick Cote, what are your thoughts?

I don’t like to opine on this too but I’ll support Anderson.

Planet Tatami: There are rumors that the winner from your next fight will face the champion. Does it put more pressure in this fight? Do you feel prepared to fight for the title?

Actually rumors are just rumors. I’m always concentrated in my challenges and I’m always dedicating myself to be the champion of my division. I’m ready to fight for the belt.

Planet Tatami: What do you think went wrong against Martin Kampmann, that prevented you to be the winner?

Nothing. He just was better than me, only better.

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