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ADCC ITALY National Championship 2007/2008: report and results.
By ADCC Italy

Unbelievable success for the second year of activity in Italy of the ADCC: a succesfull calendar of events was set up by Filippo Leone, ADCC Italy President, and his staff.

The ADCC Italy National Championship has been organized through 6 exciting tournements in different towns across Italy: the best Italian teams and athlets took part and competed to enter in the classements with the goal to be the best and to win the prestigious title of ADCC National Champion. The good level of organization and refereeing has been crucial to obtain a great exposure in the Martial Arts and Combat Sport italian community, increasing the number of athlets and teams who reached the ADCC Italy Federation. Last June the best Submission Fighters in Italy were crowned and the National ADCC Italy Team was formed to compete at the next ADCC Europe Trial in January 2009 and trying to reach the prestigious ADCC World Finals 2009.

During the season ADCC Italy has organized also two top international events: the ADCC Open Italy 2007 in Massa Carrara and the ADCC Italy Submission Fighting Iron Men in Livorno; exciting fights, money prizes for winners, great exposure and advertising on the most important international web magazines and portals.
For furthers details and information we recommend not to miss a visit at and ADCC Italy Tv on youtube.

 “It was an exciting and successful year – stated Filippo Leone – the level of italian fighters is increasing and the possibilities we offer to our fighters to fight continuously and against international athlets will help in this direction. ADCC is really growing as in Italy as in Europe through a hard work: personally, I hope our athlets will make a good job in the next ADCC continental top events, the 1st ADCC Submission Fighting European Championship and the ADCC Europe trials…my goal is to take some italian athlets to the Worlds finals, and we are working hard to make this happen, I am used to work hard to realise my dreams and this is what I am going to do!”

Thanks to all ADCC Italy staff and to all fighters, trainers and promoters who support our work with great heart and passion, making our Federation and our sport everyday bigger!

At the end of September 2008 the new season will have the great opening with the National Trials to select the athlets who will compete at the 1st ADCC Submission Fighting European Championship representing the national Team ADCC Italy. Stay tuned…..


Official final classements 2007/2008

Here after the podium of each weight category, on the official website are pubblished complete rankings, with reports, results and photos of each tournements of the season.


Men division – Beginners class

– 67 Kg   Beginners

1. MARCO BANCONE                   Italian Connection               48

2. OMAR STERNI                             Yoseikan Team Morini             30
3. GIOVANNI SERRA                  Gladiatori Labronici Livorno    23

– 73 Kg   Beginners

1.OSCAR CUCCHETTI                 Italian Connection               58
2.STEFANO GRONCHI                 Gladiatori Labronici Livorno     50
3.GIOVANNI NOVELLI                Gladiatori Labronici Livorno     15

– 79 Kg   Beginners

1. THOMAS BERTAZZON                Caimani Team Treviso             50

2. SALVATORE ONANO                        Real Fighting Team Leone         22
3. JOHNNY CECCHINI                 Rendoki Dojo                     12

– 85 Kg   Beginners

1. DEVID MIKLUS                    OKC Gorizia                      42

2. FULVIO LOMBARDO                         Italian Connection               22
3. GIACOMO AMABILI                 Edmar Jacobina Kombat Team       14

– 91 Kg   Beginners

1. ICHELE CESCA                    Caimani Team Treviso             31
2. DANIELE MIRABILIO               Polisportiva Mida                17
3. RICCARDO BARBIERI               Italian Connection               15

+ 91 Kg   Beginners

OPEN Class – Beginners

1. DEVID MIKLUS                    OKC Gorizia                      20

2. OSCAR CUCCHETTI                        Italian Connection               17
3. DAVIDE BRAMBILLA                Italian Connection               16

Men division – Champions class

– 66 Kg   Champions

1. ALESSIO DILIBERTI               Gladiatori Labronici Livorno     62
2. MARCO MARSURA                   Caimani Team Treviso             50
3. MASSIMO GARAVAGLIA              Italian Connection               24

– 77 Kg   Champions

1.DOMENICO BUTTAFUOCO            Anaconda Team – Pammachia        22
2. TANZIO SPERONE                  Italian Connection               10
2.LUIGI CARUSO                    Anaconda Team – Pammachia        10
2.MICHELE MALONI                  Edmar Jacobina Kombat Team       10

– 88 Kg   Champions

1.DANIELE ORZAN                   OKC Gorizia                      40
2.NICOLA SACCO                    Gladiatori Labronici Livorno     29
3. ALESSANDRO QUARTA               Italian Connection               19
3. BERNARDO SERRINI                Rio Grappling Club               19

+ 88 Kg   Champions

1. FILIPPO STABILE                 Anaconda Team – Pammachia        22
2. MATTEO CALAMANDREI              Sempre Avanti                    17

3. –                               –                               –

OPEN Class – Champions

1.ALESSIO DILIBERTI               Gladiatori Labronici Livorno     29
2. MASSIMO GARAVAGLIA              Italian Connection               19
3. FILIPPO STABILE                 Anaconda Team – Pammachia       14

Teams Ranking

Classe B – Beginners

1. ITALIAN CONNECTION              F. Tisi – A. Baggio            230

2. CAIMANI TEAM TREVISO               Gianni Bertazzon                148
3.GLADIATORI LABRONICI LIVORNO    Alessio Diliberti               105

Classe A – Champions

1.GLADIATORI LABRONICI LIVORNO   Alessio Diliberti               32
2. ITALIAN CONNECTION              F. Tisi – A. Baggio            108
3.ANACONDA TEAM – PAMMACHIA       F. Tumazzo – A. Coppola          88

Women division

1. MARIANNA CORRIGA                OKC Gorizia                      38

2. GIADA PRINCI                             OKC Gorizia                      21
3. VANIA MAZZARO                   Caimani Team Treviso             12

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