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Royler preparing for his K1 Match with his trainer Vini Aieta Photo Kid PeligroRoyler Gracie Leaves for JapanRoyler Gracie left Rio today bound for Japan where he is going to face Hideo Tokoro in the New Year’s eve K1 event. The 41 year old Gracie has been preparing intensely with his team for some time now but the team had a late addition when his brother Rickson joined the training sessions: ‘Rickson’s advice and energy are a difference makes for sure! I am so glad he is back on my side along with Royce and Vini.’ Royler comented on his opponent: ‘He is difficult, dangerous and unpredictable fighter. I expect we are going to mix it up and give the public a thrilling fight.’ When asked about all the tough matches he has had in his career in BJJ, Submission Grappling and MMA (Sakuraba, Kid Yamamoto and Genki Sudo amongst others) Royler points out: ‘I have never hid from anybody. I am most proud of that as I love challenges. The promoters keep giving me difficult matches so they must think I am tough (laughs). In Jiu-Jitsu and ADCC, I have always thrown my name in the hat early so everyone knew I’d be there and showed up and faced all comers.’ Royler then continued: ‘I am not sure about retiring. I don’t fight for money, when all is computed I make more with seminars and privates than with a single fight. I still feel pretty good and am eager to mix it up but I’ve had a long and great career, so the result may dictate what I do. It is good to retire with a victory, but then victories are incentive to fight more.’ Xande on Oahu’s North Shore by Jeff DonerAlot happening here in Hawaii lately, first the Triple Crown of Surfing with the best surfers in the world were on stage, of course local boy Andy Irons won the title there, in the middle of all that world BJJ champ Xande Ribeiroshowed up to cheer his friend Andy on. So now the surf contests are over it is time for Xande to start training with the boys at North Shore Jiu-Jitsu at night and at ‘The Boars Nest’ in the morning. This morning I had the pleasure of getting invited to take part in an all black belt training session with Xande, Kai (Kaiborg) Garcia, Marcelo Dentinho, and myself, and man it was great!! Xande is one of the best teachers you’ll ever train with, he showed details on ‘pressure’ and let me tell you, between Xande and Kai, I felt ‘PRESSURE’!!! I now know what an ant feels like when it get stepped on by a human!! hahahaha….I can’t wait for this Thursday night, cause Xande is having a ‘workshop’ at North Shores sister academy Wahiawa Jiu-Jitsu. It will be a two hour class starting at 6PM for only $30!!! Thats a Christmas present price from Xande!!!! Wish you could be here to enjoy it Kid, but maybe next time!!!! If anybody is in the area Thursday stop by and take part!Merry Christmas and Aloha, JDP.S. Kid the surf was pumping this afternoon! 😉Brasa Team VideosAfter a amazing 2006 with many victorys including 2 world titles as a team we have already scheduled our next BJJ CAMP, it will be once again held in one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It will be a perfect oportunity for training, relaxing and fun!This video is awesome, take a look:’s a video with many moments of our 5th BJJ CAMP. We have the dates for our next BJJ CAMP, it will be March 2nd, 2007. Once again the camp will be 10 days long, but we will provide you all the support if you want to stay longer. We already have some spots taken, so please make your on line reservation asap. Any question drop me a line at [email protected]Here another 2 links with great pictures and videos: you there!Tinguinha’s NewsOn, December 9th we had at our facility one of the greatest TBJJ Academy Belt ceremonies. The celebration counted with the presence of 3 Brazilian JiuJitsu black belts, professors Wander Braga, Gerson Sanginitto and Kris Shaw. The ceremony was very special, two of our fellow teammates were promoted black belts, Mike Brown and Luiz Gonzalez besides Greg Lawson being promoted to the Brown Belt and Michael Lopez, Charles Rapadas and Jesus Gonzalez to the Blue Belts. The Tinguinha BJJ Academy would like to congratulate the promoted students and thank all of the TBJJ Academy family and The Gerson Sanginitto BJJ students along with the BJJ black belts for the support to our school as well as for contributing for the union and growth of the art of Brazilian JiuJitsu .Tinguinha BJJ Academy association news TINGUINHA BJJ ACADEMY IN ALASKA The TBJJ Academy Association is proud to announce and welcome The Anchorage Brazilian JiuJitsu school which is now a part of The Tinguinha BJJ Academy team and is an extension of our school in Alaska. The Anchorage Brazilian JiuJitsu School is located at 3341 Fairbanks St. Anchorage AK 99503 and has as its instructors Justin Charon and Todd Palmer.We welcome all of you guys to the TBJJ family TINGUINHA THAILAND BRAZILIAN JIU-JISTSU MOVED TO A NEW LOCATION Classes are held at the Sakura Dojo Sukumvhit 33/1 in the World Video Bldg. on the 4th Floor(from the BTS you will exit on the street across from Emporium. Turn right at the Robin Hood Bar and look for the BlockBuster Video Bldg. World Video is directly across from the BlockBuster Video) For more info e-mail: [email protected]TEL: 06-7071726TINGUINHA NEWEST DVD- COMING SOON!!!Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu III Degree Black Belt Mauricio ?Tinguinha? Mariano, known worldwide for his dynamic open guard skills and techniques, presents one of his finest DVDs with techniques yet to be seen — THE EXTREME OPEN GUARD. This DVD is the ultimate guide through all different aspects and techniques of the open guard game, going into a variety of techniques and embracing the most important open guards. Containing 60 techniques in 3 1/2 hours, this DVD is a must-have if you are looking to improve and have an all-around effective open guard game. Part I: Open Guard DrillsIn this section shows specific drills to develop your open guard movements. Some of the drills were created by Tinguinha and can be trained with or without a partner. Part II: Open Guard Sweeps + SubmissionsIn this section Tinguinha teaches numerous extraordinary sweeps and submissions from the open guard never before seen on his previous DVDs. Part III: Open Guard Counters + DefensesIn this section Tinguinha teaches very effective counters and defenses for situations when the open guard is put to the test. Part IV: Open Guard TransitionsIn this section of the DVD Tinguinha teaches the most effective ways to combine transitions in all the open guard games, from the spider guard to the x-guard.

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