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OUTSIDER CUP FREEFIGHT’Back to the Roots’16 Dezember 2006Duisburg – GermanyCOMPLETE RESULTS:1) Cesario di Domenico (Weng Chun Fight Team – GER) vs. Petro Zyylizki (Puria Gym Trier – GER)Winner: Cesario di Domenico, Round 1, 2:01, Choke2) Jeremy Janvier (Freefight Academy Paris – FR) vs. Johannes Eckert (Cologne Freefighters- GER)Winner: Johannes Eckert, Round 1, 0:57, Punches3) Iwan Reger (Fight Center Minden – GER) vs. Benjamin Cigliutti (Freefight Academy Paris – FR)Winner: Benjamin Cigliutti, Round 1, 1:56, Punches4) Eric Toure (Freefight Academy Paris – FR) vs. Michal Wierzbowski (NoLimits Academy Torun – PL) Winner: Michal Wierzbowski, Round 1, 3:22, Choke5) Georg Goedecke (SLAM Braunschweig – GER) vs. Laurent Barbot (Freefight Academy Paris – FR)Winner: Laurent Barbot, Round 1, 1:00, Punches6) Michael Mullineaux (Suum Cuique / Muskelkater Mainz – GER) vs. Joffrey Davy (Freefight Academy Paris – FR)Winner: Joffrey Davy, Round 1, 3:37, Kimura7) Lars Konarek (Red Zone Combat Academie – GER) vs. Fethi Messabihi (Freefight Academy Paris – FR)Winner: Fethi Messabihi, Round 2, 1:48, Rear Naked Choke8) Alberto Pengel (Team Bob Schreiber – NL) vs. Matensz Jenkowski (NoLimits Academy Torun – PL)Winner: Matensz Jenkowski, Round 1, 2:30, Armbar9) Gary Decorde (Freefight Academy Paris – FR) vs. Christopher Roberts (Red Zone Combat Academie – GER)Winner: Gary Decorde, Round 1, 3:41, Guillotine10) Chas Jacquier (Team GOW – USA) vs. Farbod Fadami (Gorilla Team Sopper – GER)Winner: Farbod Fadami, Round 2, 1:30, Headlock11) Abeku Afful (Thaikido Hamburg – GER) vs. Meinhard Schnelle (Selfdefense Academy Dortmund – GER)Winner: Abeku Afful, Round 1, 3:20, Armbar12) Jan Konrad (Commando Sambo – GER) vs. Marco W?st (Fight Club Worms – GER)Winner: Marco W?st, Round 1, 0:35, Guillotine13) Ahmed Annan (Thaikido Hamburg – GER) vs. Nicolas Penzer (Weng Chun Fight Team – GER)Winner: Nicolas Penzer, Round 1, 1:25, Armbar14) Nick Struve (Team Bob Schreiber – NL) vs. Nelson Dos Reis (Fight Team Impact – LUX)Winner: Nick Struve, Round 2, 2:18, Punches15) Andre Walberer (Frankonia Combat Club N?rnberg – GER) vs. Willy Monduc (Freefight Academy Paris – FR)Winner: Andre Walberer, Round 1, 3:02, KO – Punches16) Stefan Struve (Team Bob Schreiber – NL) vs. Florian M?ller (Alliance-Jiu Jitsu N?rnberg – GER)Winner: Stefan Struve, Round 2, 1:38, PunchesPhotos shortly here!

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