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ADCC JAPAN has officially announced the 2007 Japan Trials for the 8th Submission Fighting World Championships.We will have Japan elimination rounds on 25th March at Shinjuku Cosmic Sports Center. The fighters who will survive the elimination rounds will go into JAPAN TRIAL FINAL Stage that will be held at Kitazawa town hall on 15th April.ADCC JAPAN has already selected participants who will not need to compete in the 1st stage, including ADCC world championship, PRIDE Bushido, BJJ WORLD and UFC veterans.Final stage will be eight man tournaments.Here is the list of selected fighters.Up to 66kg weight class,#01 Yukinori Sasa ( Paraestra Tokyo):2005 BJJ world brown belt Pena weight champion and Gi grappling 2006 Light weight GP winner#02 Tetsu Suzuki ( Keisyukai Iwate):2005 ADCC World championship participant#03 Rumina Sato (Shooto gym ROOTS):SHOOTO legend, four time Combat wrestling champion#04 Masakazu Imanari ( Team Roken):DEEP feather weight championUp to 77kg weight class,#01 Kuniyoshi Hironaka ( Ac.Az): UFC, ROTR and Shooto veteran, BJJ Black belt#02 Keita Nakamura ( Keisyukai Tokyo): UFN fighter, SHOOTO Pan Pacific middleweight champion#03 Daisuke Sugie ( Alive): BJJ Black belt, he defeted Mile Fowler and Albert CraneUp to 88kg weight class,#01 Yushin Okami ( Keisyukai Tokyo):2003 ADCC world championship participant, UFC and HERO?S veteran#02 Izuru Takeuchi:2006 Combat Sambo Co winner, 2000 ADCC world championship participantWomen up to 55kg weight class#01 Megumi Fujii ( Girls fight AACC): 2005 ADCC world 3rd place, PSL winner#02 Akiko Ninomiya ( Alive)# BJJ fighte, won against Felicia Oh on 2005#03 Miku ( Club Barbarian): BJJ and MMA fighter, the future of Japanese women MMA worldWomen up to 60kg weight class#01 Hitomi Akano (Girls fight AACC): Smack Girl Middleweight Champion, International Judo fighter#02 Keiko Hattori ( ALIVE): BJJ Black belt, Co winner of Black belt leve weight 2006 BJJ Asian#03 Megumi Yabushita ( Tomoegumi):2005 ADCC world championship veteran, the founder of Japanese women MMA#04 Takayo Hashi ( Keisyukai Tokyo):2006 Smack Girl Grappling queen tournament open class winnerIf another Asian countries Grappling fighter wants to compete in the JAPAN Trials, send your profile by e-mail to [email protected].Also send your grappling or MMA video and/or DVD to TS-Nishidai Bldg.4F 1-80-12 Takashimadaira Itabashi Tokyo JAPANZip 175-0082(Tapes or DVDs will not be returned to fighters)

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