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L?o Vieira ready to defend his title on ADCC

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By: Gleidson Venga / Team TATAMELeonardo Vieira was one of the stand outs of the 2003 ADCC. Fighting in front of his audience, in S?o Paulo, Leozinho won the 66kg division, where Royler Gracie was the king for years. By the way, the fighter defeated Eddie Bravo, the one who was Royler`s hangman that day.The expectation for the title defense is high:- The expectation is big; you have to see that we are talking about a competition that occurs once in two years, so a lot of people want to stay between the sixteen to have the opportunity to be the champion.The time is short to train, he says:- I have a lot of things to do and I?m sharing my time the best I can, I?m graduating in physiotherapy for the Ibirapuera University next month and it demands a lot of researches and trainees. In a division with names such as Baret Yoshida, Marcio Feitosa and Wagney Fabiano, Leozinho doesn`t worry with an specific adversary: – What worries me is always ?the next fight?, because if you don?t win this one, it doesn?t matter if you are worried about the next one or any other opponent. The adversities in the day by day are a lot?After make a memorable fight against Mark Kerr in 2000, will we have the chance to see the lightweight fighting in the absolute division again? – It?s not impossible, I thought about the possibility, but now I say no. God is the one who guides me. I will know in the right time.The superfight between Jean Jacques and Dean Lister caught the attention of the Brasa black belt:- I think it?s going to be a great fight, with a lot of technique and quickness, because Jean Jacques is fast and very technical and Dean Lister is training with my team partner Rodrigo Comprido who is strategically and a good corner, so, because of that, you can see it?s going to be a good fight.Leozinho tells the fans what they can expect in the 2005 ADCC:- A truly surpassing! I like to have fun, but in this one it?s going to be a little bit different, it?s more challenging. I would like to thank God for let me live miracles all days of my life and see barriers being destroyed in every moment, thank Koral Kimonos, Ibirapuera University and Baby Beef Morumbi for believe in my capacity and support sports and fight athletes in a country which is synonym of soccer and the other sports are just the others.

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