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Renzo, Garcia and Jucao on their way to ADCC-2005

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With Marcelo Dunlop and Rafael Werneck We are only few days away from the 6th Submission Wrestling Worlds Championships, scheduled to May 28th and 29th in California, and some of the competitors are already on their ways to the Pyramid, gymnasium located at Long Beach State Campus. One of them is two times ADCC champion Renzo Gracie. We caught up with him right from Gracie Academy in New York and asked about his expectations regarding to the upcoming event are. ?I want you to tell those young boys that I?m going to show to them the reason why they keep my photos hanging at their walls. I?m not going to disappoint all the admiration they have for me?, says Renzo. Fighter responsible for Renzo elimination at ADCC last edition, held in 2003, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and current up to 77kg champion, Marcelo Garcia knows he is considered ?the man to be beaten? this year in California. ?I kind of like when people keep their eyes on me. I?m much more experienced this year and willing to win even more?, says the Alliance Jiu-Jitsu black belt fighter. Differently from Garcia, Roan Jucao Carneiro prefers to not be pointed as one of the strongest fighters among the up to 77kg category. ?I want to be considered the underdog one. I?ve been training a lot of takedowns and I will stick with Paulao Filho because he is flying and may be staying beside him something good happens to me as well?, reveals Jucao.

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