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By: Gleidson Venga / Team TATAMEA surprise when he won the absolute division in 2003, Dean Lister is confident to fight against Jean Jacques Machado in the 2005 ADCC superfight. An opponent tough as Machado doesn’t worry Lister, who expects to surprise the audience once again.TT:How is your expectation for the 2005 ADCC superfight?DL:I’m expecting a really exciting fight with Jean Jeaques.What do you think about Jean Jacques as a substitute for Ricardo Arona?DL:I like the substitution because he has really earned his place in this superfight. He is a living legend of Jiu Jitsu. Also I think it is more interesting to the average fan because it is more like new versus old generation of Jiu Jitsu and also big guy versus light guy.Will you take chances in your strategy to fight Jean Jacques instead of Arona?DL: Yes, Arona would go for submissions but will win by points most likely. Machado, however, will go for the submission always. He is very tricky so I am trying to keep that in my mind.What are your memories about the great conquer in the absolute division in 2003? DL: The best day of my life. I remember praying to God for me to have a flawless day and wanting to show myself as a champion sportman. Every match is a great memory and each was very different.In your opinion, who are the favorite fighters to win the absolute division? (your future opponent, in case you win the superfight).DL: It has always been someone in the 98KG category or Heavy category. Alexandre ‘Cacareco’, Marcio ‘Pe de Pano’, Fabricio Werdun or Jeff Monson. Someone big, strong and with experience.What are your impressions about your fight with Ricardo Arona in the Pride ring?DL: He’s good, I knew that before. That day just wasn’t my day. My first time fighting in front of 50,000 fans at the stadium. My adrenaline played tricks on me and after five days of interviews, stare downs and photos, the energy of this event left me feeling weak. I entered the ring feeling very heavy. This was just my first experience at that level so I will be better prepared next time and will do much better. I also had mental issues fighting against him because I thought of him as a friend. I had to take the fight because I was the one being challenged. I will never back off from a challenge. This was just a learning experience and I showed some good action and technique in the fight and had my opponent in trouble a few times.Leave a message to your fans that will root for you in this ADCC. DL: Thank you for all of the support and positive energy you give me. I represent many things where I’m from, my family, my country, my team but also my sport Brasilian Jiu Jitsu.

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