ADCC 2005 – Mini Interview with Ladies Competitor MEGUMI FUJI

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In Japan, she is known as the ‘Princess of Sombo’, and later this month she will be competing in the ADCC 2005-6th Submission Wrestling World Championships, taking place in California. This year is the first to feature women?s divisions with one for under 60 kg and one for over. One of the competitors in the under 60 kg division is Megumi Fuji from Japan. Fuji fights out of the Abe Ani Combat Club and can usually be seen in Shooto and KOTC vet Hiroyuki Abe?s corner as she was at KOTC ?Mortal Sins? on May 7th. In that fight Abe fought Urijah Faber for the KOTC 145 pound belt. Fuji herself is a vet of Shooto and HOOKnSHOOT. Her highest profile fight was a decision win over previously unbeaten Erica Montoya in November of last year. Since then Fuji picked up two more wins with her most recent being in March over Michelli Tavares. This interview was conducted with the assistance of a translator. KM: You are in the ADCC Worlds in two weeks. How do you feel about that? MF: I am training well in Japan getting ready. I am going to gain a little more weight, more power. KM: You are going to be in the under 60 kg division. Is that your normal fight weight? MF: 55 kg. KM: You are in the same division as Roxanne Modafferi, Leka Viera, Kyra Gracie?how do you feel about the competition? MF: Usually I can?t compete with those people because they are different divisions but this time I can compete with them. I am happy and excited. KM: (Note: this interview took place at KOTC in Nevada on May 8th). Are you going back to Japan now or staying in the US through the ADCC Worlds? MF: I?m going back to Japan and coming back.KM: Is Abe?s fight tonight a distraction or interruption in your training? MF: I needed a day off. I?m excited about competing.KM: You beat Erica Montoya in HOOKnSHOOT. How do you feel about that? MF: Of course I was happy. When I competed against Erica it was a good experience for me. KM: Anybody you want to thank? MF: My teammate (Hiroyuki Abe) who I work out with all the time. KM: Anything else you want to say? MF: I want to get first place.

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