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Daniel Gracie on his expectations for ADCC 2005

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By: Gleidson Venga / Team TATAMEDaniel Gracie is one of the brazilian fighters that is confirmed in the ADCC 2005. He is going to fight in the over 99kg division and is anxious for the event:- My expectations are sky high, I’m always optimistic. I’ve been training hard here in San Francisco with Ralph, and the level of his athletes is very good. Besides that, we’re with a physical trainer, Fabiano, who is killing us. Let’s see what is going to happen, I’m going to win, but I wish I have had more time to train. Maybe I will fight in the absolute division, but that will depend if Roger will fight or not.The Brazilian knows that there will be no easy fights in the event:- All the opponents are tough; sure there are some of them that are stand outs, but in the over 99kg division anyone can give you trouble, if not for the technique it’s going to be because of the weight (laughs).In the superfight between Jean Jacques Machado and Dean Lister, Daniel will be rooting for the Brazilian:- Dean Lister is very strong, but Jean Jacques is more technical. I’m not going to guess who is going to win, but I’ll root a lot for Jean.Besides Daniel, three other athletes of the Gracie Family will be fighting in the event, Renzo, Roger and Kyra (in the famale tournament). The expectation among the family is good:- They are fine and all will go for the victory. Renzo told me they are training hard, and I believe they will rock the tournament.

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