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There is more disappointing ratings news for Real Pro Wrestling, the new professional league which features real, Olympic-style wrestling. The second of the series’ eight weekly shows was broadcast this past Sunday, April 3, at 4 PM ET, on the PAX TV broadcast network. According to the latest figures released by Nielsen Media Research, Real Pro Wrestling got a rating of 0.1 for the April 3 show. That means that this show was seen in only 118,000 U.S. households, according to this report. Since the rating was so low, the share of the show, meaning the percent of the total of all television households watching TV at that time who were watching that show, was an approximate 0. The Real Pro Wrestling show also once again finished last among all broadcast network sports shows for the week of March 29-April 3. The rating for the April 3 show represents a steep drop from Real Pro Wrestling’s debut show on March 27. That show got a rating of 0.2 and was seen in 181,000 households in the U.S. This week’s figure means that the April 3 show got about 63,000 fewer viewers, or a loss of about one-third of the audience from the debut show. PAX is a weak network, has been up for sale for some time without finding any buyers, and has had its web site down for some time. Thus another good indicator of the failure of Real Pro Wrestling to market its product to a wide enough audience is a comparison of this show’s ratings with the ratings of another sports show on this same network. On Thurs., March 31, PAX aired a show called the Purina Incredible Dog Challenge. This program featured dogs competing in various sporting-type events. This dog show got a rating of 0.4, a share of 1, and was seen in 490,000 U.S. households, or about four times what Real Pro Wrestling got. As we have pointed out, Real Pro Wrestling is not as ratings-sensitive as other shows, since the company is buying the time on PAX, as infomercials do. But this drop in its already meager ratings does not bode well for the future of this show, unless they can figure out some way to pump up the ratings, and fast.For more information on these ratings, go to:

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