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Text by Andre Araujo / Team TATAMEJiu-Jitsu BJJ black belt Andre Galvao has fought for the first time with black belt in great style: winning the middleweight category at the 11th Pan-Americans, which happened last April 3rd and 4th, in California. Besides the tile, Galvao did one of the best matches of the competition against Felipe Cranivata and almost got a medal in the open class dispute. Check out an exclusive interview with Galvao, from San Diego, United States.Tell me a little bit about this black belt debut. It was great. To be honest I didn’t feel too much pressure on me. I did three fights and won my first one by 16×0. In the second one I faced Felipe Cranivata and it was just amazing. In the final I fought C?ssio Werneck and it was very controversial. I attacked the whole time trying to pass his guard and they only thing he did was defend himself from me. We kept doing this until the final and referee gave him the victory. Lots of people Said your fight with Cranivata was the best of this Pan…It was very exciting. As soon I stepped inside the mat I knew I would beat him. I really wanted to win. Even when I was having a hard time I was relaxed and gave my best to reverse the score. I reversed a back catching and a mount. The score was 9×8.After that I caught his back and it was very nice. After this bout I received lots of compliments. And how was the open class?It would be better if I had gotten a medal? and I almost did it! I lost to Delson Pe-de-Chumbo by one advantage. I realized guys are stronger and they play tight. Even Rickson (Gracie) warned me the day before. I will keep my game forward and search for the fight. I will not become a tight playerYou did the final against Cassio Werneck, the same guy Terere faced at the final of BJJ World Cup. What do you think about this coincidence?I don’t see coincidence. Terere has fought lots of people and for me it was very good. Terere h?s always said Cassio is a tough guy and I am too happy to defeat him. Have you talked to Terere about your medal?He was really into it! He told me he had seen on the Internet and I believe this motivated him a lot. When you do return to Brazil? Are you going to fight at Brazil BJJ Cup?My ticket is for April 28th. So I believe I will not be able to fight at Brazil BJJ Cup. I have been working a lot in here. I am in San Diego and now I will run a few seminars with Telles and Valente.And tell me about your plans for 2005 as a black belt.My plan is do the same as my master: show up at any mat and win and show the world TT is not only a BJJ school, but a lesson for life.

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