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Kron going for the takedown and the win – Photo (c) Kid PeligroThe 2005 Copa Pacifica was just held at the Estancia High School in Costa Mesa, Ca. The event had many top fighters competing and some real great matches especially in the purple belt light division in which Kron Gracie and Bill ‘The Grill’ made a fantastic final. The two top fighters made their way to the final in similar style, with Kron submitting his first opponent and then by points and Bill winning the first by submission and the seconds on points showcasing his game. The finals was a thrilling match with Kron and Bill exchanging advantages until Bill executed a takedown for a 2 x 0 point advantage. After several exchanges and near sweeps and near passes, Kron seemed to gas and the match appeared headed for a Grill victory. In the final seconds, under the constant encouragement from his father Rickson, Kron mustered all the energy he had left and completed a takedown to even the points score at 2 x 2 and secure the win by 3 x 2 advantage. The fight was so exciting that most everyone lost track of the advantages score and when Kron’s arm was raised in victory Franjinha challenged the result thinking his athlete had the lead in advantages until they checked the socrers table and it showed 3 x 2 in favor of Kron. In a gentleman’s agreement Franjinha and Rickson agreed to review the tape of the match and if there was a mistake another match would be fought between the two fighters; but after reviewing the tape both agreed that the score was correct. Other top winners Jeff Glover continued his winning ways by taking the Brown Belt light Gold. Mike Weaver took the Gold heavy, Asa Fuller also took Gold. In the Black Belt supefights Rickson Gracie’s Rahni Yahira submitted BJJ Revolution’s Johny Ramirez after racking up a 17 x 0 point advantage. No shame on Johny making his debut as a Black Belt against one of the best from Brazil. Tim Cartmell defeated Dale Franks by point in the master’s Black Belt Superfight.Other winners in the purple included Chris Kelbaugh, Leo Santos, Bruce Tafoya & Mike PowersTeam results:1st Cleber Luciano2nd Paragon3rd Rickson Gracie4th United BJJ5th BJJ RevolutionFull picture gallery in the next few days Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,

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