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Renzo, Sperry and others reveal what really works in submission!

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With R.N.Champion of the absolute category at the inaugural ADCC ’98 and winner of the 2 superfights at the ’99 and 2000 editions, Ze Mario Sperry of Brazilian Top Team, picked the guillotine choke as a move that works better in a submission bout than in a Jiu-Jitsu one: ‘The sweat and the no-GI style – two things that eliminates all the attrition that exists in Jiu-Jitsu – these help you to slip your arm until you dominate the opponent?s neck’ explains Sperry. For Vitor’ Shaolin’, third place in 66kg to 76kg weight class of ADCC 2003, armdrag is as a perfect move for submission fights. ‘If you catch enemy’s elbow, you have a secure handle to go to your opponent’s back. In this case, the elbow works as the GI in Jiu-Jitsu?, says Shaolin. The athlete from Nova Uniao, also reveals the moves he doesn’t like to use in submission combat: ‘I don’t recommend foot locks. There are opponents that never give up when they suffer this kind of attack and some of then even offer their foot to reverse the position in the sequence’. ‘I like to attack using arm locks from the guard’ says Ricardo Arona, champion of 88kg to 98kg weight class and absolute category of ADCC 2001, and winner of the superfight in the 2003 edition. ‘Wrestler athletes put their hands on the floor when they are passing the uards. That?s the moment to attack their arms’ completes Arona. Champion of 66kg to 76kg weight class in ADCC 98 and 2000, Renzo Gracie doesn’t like to chose a special attack for a submission combat: ‘The best blow is the one that your opponent offers to you during the bout’ says Renzo. ‘Any chance that you have to submit your adversary is the best move, but you have to believe in your attack. Always!’

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