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Text by Andr? Ara?jo / Team TATAMEBJJ black belt Marcelo Garcia was the highlight of the last ADCC, held in S?o Paulo, Brazil, in May of 2003. Now he is the man to be defeated at 2005?s edition, which happens on May 28th and 29th, in California. Now the main star of Alliance Team, this F?bio Gurgel pupil did a Submission test at Arnold Wrestling Submission, which happened last March 5, in Columbus, Ohio. He ruled the -89kg division and in the final match, he defeated Saulo Ribeiro by referee?s decision. Team TATAME hadseven questions for Garcia. He replies below:What do you think about fighting at Arnold Wrestling Submission? Garcia: It?s the second time I fight and win. Different from last year, I fought in a heavier category. I did think it was a big sacrilege to lose weight before ADCC?, once I will have to do it. Arnold is a competition where you see high level athletes from all modalities. I was well treated and received by North American audience and they cheered for me. It was awesome.How many fights did you do? Garcia: Saulo and I had to do three fights to meet in the final. But my first opponent did not show and I won by WO. The second fight I fought Rodrigo Pinheiro and I submitted him via foot-lock. It was the first time I used this submission in competition. Tell me a little bit about your fight with Saulo. It seems he liked facing you… Garcia: Fighting Saulo was an honor for me. I have seen him fighting for a long time and he said he wanted to fight me. He was sure it would be a great bout. This first meeting ended postponed when he got hurt during the 2004?s BJJ Worlds, in the open class. When I knew he would fight at the Arnolds, I though it would be a perfect chance to meet him. This fact helped me to decide not to lose weight for the competition. I admire him because after several world titles he still fights.Arnold was a great test for the upcoming ADCC? Garcia: Arnold is a show made for the American audience. ADCC is much bigger… made for the whole world. There is no doubt about the ADCC’s refereeing… and the purses are way better also. How do you feel being the man to be defeated at ADCC? Garcia: I am on my way to Brazil and I will train hard. I want to train harder and harder to do the same things done two years ago. Winning at ADCC was one of the best feelings in my life. About being the man to be defeated, I guess it?s nice people are aware about my Jiu-Jitsu. I like to fight under the audience?s attention… Who wouldn?t? Tell me about your seminars in United States and Canada… guys are enjoying it? How do you see the soft art development in those places? Garcia: My seminars are filled and I conducted many private classes. I believe people are having the time of their life in sports. I just conducted a seminar with 76 people at Romero Jacar??s academy. I see Jiu-Jitsu in the United States with better technology. Everybody stop me to talk about my tapes… but even getting developed fast, I believe they will take a while to threaten Brazil’s leadership. In your opinion… who are your main opponents in ADCC? Garcia: I don?t know… I believe there is lots of people who will receive invitations. But I really want to fight Jean Jacques. He is a very good fighter…

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