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Kid Peligro Jiu-Jitsu News . . . Pan 2012: Cobrinha , Gracie Humaita – Epic Hong Kong Opening

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Royler Morango Sarge and Jocko

Royler, Morango, Brian “Sarge” and Jocko (photo Kid Peligro)

Pan 2012 Training

Gracie Humaita Victory MMA San Diego

Training for the Pan 2012 has been going strong at Gracie Humaita- Victory MMA in San Diego. Under the watchful eyes of head instructor and UFC fighter Fabricio “Morango” Camoes. This past Wednesday however they took a break from training to correct a situation and do a long, long, long overdue promotion of one of their finest: Brian “Sarge”. Because “Sarge” mostly trains and teaches the No-Gi classes at Victory and because he is such a humble “monster” on the mats, Sarge spent 12 years in his last belt! Only recently everyone started to wonder about his rank and plans were made for correcting the “mistake”.

Before the watchful eyes of his BJJ class and his instructors Royler Gracie, Fabricio “Morango” and long time friend and partner Jocko Willink (Dean Lister was not present because he is away training UFC fighter Alan Belcher), “Sarge” was awarded his overdue Black Belt!

Check out the ceremony here:

Rubens “Cobrinha” Charles Academy

At Rubens “Cobrinha’s” Academy in LA, the first day of his special camp for the Pan was going full force with “Cobrinha” along with Mario Reis and many others. “Cobrinha” was stoked: “We are excited to see how all of our competitors condition and prepare for the Pan Am tournament next week. It’s going to be exciting!”

Epic Academy in Hong Kong

Rodrigo, Silvio, Mike and Kiko Epic Hong KongRodrigo, Silvio, Mike and Kiko at Epic Hong Kong

Congratulations go to Rodrigo Medeiros for the Grand Opening of Epic Academy in Hong Kong. Rodrigo re-located to Hong Kong to pursue a dream of having one of the best academies in the World. HE took with him his Black Belts Kiko Cacella, Mike Powers and Silvio Braga.

Congratulations to Rodrigo and to Hong Kong for getting one of the finest people I’ve ever known!

Now go train Jiu-Jitsu,

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