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Exclusive lessonswith MASTER SYLVIO BEHRING

Black and red belt, seventh grade, 47 years old, with 43 dedicated to Jiu-Jitsu,Sylvio Behring is one the most prominent Brazilian Masters, black and red belt,seventh grade, graduated by the well-respected Masters João Alberto Barreto, Álvaro Barreto e Flávio Behring.

Created and developed the Jiu-Jitsu’s Progressive System,having taught special courses for military troops and police officers, amongstthem the Toronto Police Academy – Canada and the Special Operations Squadron –BOPE, elite’s squadron of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Acting now as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Master for academies in Switzerland, Sweden,Croatia, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Spain, France, USA, Canada, Mexico andBrazil, he graded a myriad of black belts like Fabrício Werdum, Mário Reis, amongst others.

In the MMA division, trained big world level sport stars like Mirko Cro Cop, Anderson Silva, andothers. Living in Brazil at the moment, he is Vice-President of the Federaçãode Jiu-Jitsu Desportivo do Estado do Rio de Janeiro, President of the FrancoBehring Jiu-Jitsu Alliance of Canada and Jiu-Jitsu Ambassador for the USAJiu-Jitsu.

Special talks:Leandro Paiva

Leandro Paiva is Professor of Physical Education for over 14 years, having beenregistered in the Federal Council of Physical Education (CONFEF) in 2001.Attended University Extension Strength in the Gama Filho University – Rio deJaneiro and also training in Clinical Medicine Institute of OrthomolecularMedicine and Orthomolecular Psychiatry – RJ.

Concentrated his efforts as a professional fitness trainerin three specific areas: Training with emphasis on hypertrophy and / or weightloss (Spa) Sport and Physical Evaluation Aesthetics, and physical preparationto Fight (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA and Submission Wrestling).

He is the author of the book Siga seussonhos, corra seus riscos e seja um vencedor, whose content can be enjoyedin the first chapter of the book ProntoPra Guerra. Received honorable mention in this chapter and, soon after, amotion of congratulation by the Legislative Assembly of the State of Amazonas.

He devised the fitness of several fighters of international renown, among them:Ricardo Arona, Emyr “Tubarão”,Gabriel “Gladiador”, Omar Salum and Bibiano Fernandes.

BÚZIOS – Rio deJaneiro









  • 23 spetacular beaches with sun all year long!
  • Extraordinary nature, sports and nightlife!

In this paradise, theBrazillian Jiu-Jitsu lessons will take place.

Course’s Program

The content of the Xcamp Brazil program is based on the progressive knowledge.Totally detailed, is appropriate for beginners and graduated of any level thatwish to learn, refine and improve the technique.


  • The History of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
  • Physical and psychological preparation forfighters
  • Preparing food for fighters
  • Preparing technical and tactical for fighters
  • Personal Defense – Practical lesson
  • Surviving at the fight – Practical lesson
  • Escaping at the fight – Practical lesson
  • Playing guard – Practical lesson
  • Passing guard – Practical lesson
  • Submissions – Practical lesson
  • Specific trainings
  • Real trainings (filmed and commented)
  • Certificate offering

All attendants will receive:

  • Camp’s exclusive t-shirt;
  • DVD with real filmed trainings;
  • Conclusion Certificate;



  • Package for ONE PERSON, 7 days in Búzios;
  • DOUBLE room;
  • 2 meals per day;
  • Transfer Rio-Búzios, Búzios-Rio;
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu’s exclusive lessons for thestudents X Camp;
  • Talks extended;
  • Exclusive X Camp t-shirt;
  • DVD with the filmed trainings and the X Camp;
  • Certificate;

———-> USD1600 > Reserve your spot > XCamp Brazil website

Rio Internacional Open Jiu-JitsuChampionship

  • 19th to 26th of JULY
  • All nights accommodation (shared occupancy)walking distance to Leblon/Ipanema beach;
  • All breakfasts and dinners. 1 drink (water/softdrink/juice) included in dinner;
  • All transportation in cars/vans to competitionand tours including airport transfer (in/out);
  • 4 tours with professional guide (entrance feenot covered);
  • Local tips: food, nightlife, culture and muchmore;

———> USD 630> Reserve your spot > Rio Sports Tour

About us

With Andre Bello in charge of the design, marketing and communication ofthe product, the X Camp Brazil wasexclusively conceived to attend the tourism demands in Búzios (one of thebiggest international destination in Brazil) for sport lovers.

In a multidisciplinary work, Nova Creatives adds quality and integrity to thetraditional camps formats.

That is why we dare say that X Camp Brazil offers one of the best camps in theworld.

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