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RISING ON – Power Gate is Now Called Rising On!

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They have decided to go with an octagon shaped cage insteadof a ring, and at the same time, decided to change the shows name to”Rising On.”

We are talking about Power Gate. The MMA show based in the western part ofJapan’s Kansai area, for the past four years.

Atsushi Watanabe, the head of the promotion, explained, “We were sort oflike AAA (in the MLB), discovering and developing talents in westernJapan” but since many fighters from Power Gate made it to bigger shows andalso, more local MMA shows exist in the western part of Japan compared to fouryears ago, “I believe we have already achieved our original goal.”

Therefore, Watanabe has decided to put a period on the history of Power Gate.From now, he is looking to do shows in the Tokyo area, then step up towards theworld and in order for him to do this, “We need to establish a system herewhere fighters from various areas of Japan can challenge the world” and inaddition Watanabe stressed, “There is a need out there for the remoteareas to cause some stir in this industry.”

That is the reason why he adopted a cage, which is what most of the worldsorganizations are using for MMA shows, and changed the event title of thepromotion to “Rising On.”

Reportby Shu Hirata

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