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ADCC 2009 Superfight Fighter Announced

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ADCC 2009 Barcelona

A specialmeeting was held by the ADCC Committee to select a replacement for RogerGracie for the Superfight in ADCC 2009. The ADCC Committee considered many topnames for the position and after careful consideration theyselected Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza for face Robert Drysdale. 

Everyone is excited to have “Jacare” compete in Barcelona andthe prospects of a very exciting action packed fight have just gone of thescale

Congratulations to Ronaldo “Jacare” and to Robert for having such aworthy opponent!

When contacted about the replacement, Drysdale stated: “I am stoked to befighting “Jacare”, he is a super aggressive fighter and I lookforward to a great fight!”

Jacare:”I can’t wait to show the World how hard I’ve been training for MMA andGrappling. My last fight was disappointing with a result I didn’t expect. Ican’t wait to show the World that Jacare is still a force in SubmissionGrappling!”

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