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On March 14 & 15, 2009 Rickson Gracie conducted a seminar in Nashville, TN. It was his first US seminar in many years. The seminar was hosted by Eric Silver and was completely sold out in hours with 200 attendees. Eric sent us this report and photos:

By Eric Silver

March 14th and 15th, Nashville, Tennessee was privileged to host the long awaited return of Rickson Gracie, the last samurai, to the teaching arena. Word of the event spread like wildfire through the jiu-jitsu community and all 200 spaces for his seminar sold out in a little more than a week.  Students from California to New York of every belt color, including thirty black-belts, came for a taste of  “water from the source”.
With mats covering almost every inch of the McGavock High School gymnasium floor, attendees erupted into applause as the master entered. Rickson opened by thanking everyone for being present and talked lovingly about the work of his father. “My dad was an inventor.  I have been able to improve on what he developed.  I was happy that before he passed I was able to show him even better ways to do the techniques he invented,” Rickson stated humbly.
Assisted by Humaita black-belts Renato Barreto and Eduardo Mano, Rickson mesmerized the crowd for four three-hour sessions. Students were captivated by subtle technical details in the most basic positions: mount, mount escapes, side control, headlock escapes, armlock, body to body connection, breathing etc.  
Rickson invited participants to demonstrate their technique as he analyzed their performances.  After each had shown their best, he would reveal the missing pieces. Even Professor Pedro Sauer submitted to Rickson’s critical evaluation during the seminar.  He commented, “Everything I’ve always told my students was proven: that Rickson is a truly gifted person with an incredible knowledge and a great personality.”
Rickson’s personable approach was surprising to some, as he injected warmth and humor throughout the rigorous schedule of events. He remained available to everyone who sought assistance and held nothing back as he repeated techniques hundreds of times with all the students who requested his guidance. 
Longtime Rickson black-belt, Rodrigo Vaghi, added, “Rickson is the best. He transforms jiu jitsu in a way no one else is capable of and opens our minds so that we have no limitations where our jiu-jitsu can go”.
Black-belt and ’06 US Open Judo Gold Medalist, Joel Gingery commented, “Rickson is absolutely amazing and has revived my passion for jiu-jitsu and the quest for excellence in my game.”  Such a quest has been the theme of Rickson’s life. Through rigorous training, strict dietary guidelines and the constant refinement of basic technique, he has become a living, breathing example of every martial artist’s ultimate goal: minimal effort, maximum effect.
In ways almost imperceptible to the onlookers, Rickson consistently demonstrated how his “invisible” techniques could transform their jiu-jitsu or life into something far more effective and far less laborious. One student summed up his experience by saying, “ The seminar for me was not only an awakening for my practice in jiu-jitsu, but a spiritual and emotional one as well. Everything I know has been revolutionized.”
Always direct to the point, the master commented, “This is good”.


The master doing his thingAttendees listen carefully to Rickson's words

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