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ADCC HISTORY LESSIONS! 2000 Mundial Champions Still Strong.

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Very interesting to take a look back at the Mundials from the year of 2000.  Not only did BJ Penn breakout as a Jiu Jitsu star but the championships also featured some familiar faces in both MMA and grappling.

2000 Mundials
World Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Championships Results

Final Team Results:
  1. Barra Gracie
  2. Nova Uniao
  3. Alliance
  4. Gracie Humaita

Black Belt Division Finals Results

  • Up to 55Kg: Omar Salum def. Marcelo Pereira
  • Up to 61Kg: Robson Moura def. Marcos Parrumpinha
  • Up to 67 Kg: BJ Penn* def. Edson Diniz

*(Nova Uniao, received his Black Belt Monday)

  • Up to 73 Kg: Vitor Shaolin def. Marcio Feitosa
  • Up to 79 Kg: Fernando Tererê def. Nino Schembri
  • Up to 85 Kg: Roberto Roleta def. Fernando Margarida
  • Up to 91Kg: Fabio Gurgel def. Ricardo Arona
  • Up to 97 Kg: Saulo Ribeiro def. Daniel Simoes
  • Above 97 Kg: Leonardo Leite def. Aurelio Marques

Interesting to note that several of these men went on to become ADCC standouts and champions as well.

Marcos Parrumpinha is currently one of the head instructors of American Top Team.

BJ Penn is one of the hottest stars in MMA.
Shaolin and Feitosa both were ADCC standouts.

Schembri went on to PRIDE and had a memorable match at ADCC with Sasha Savko.
Ricardo Arona was ADCC Absolute Champion and Superfight Champion.
Saulo Ribeiro added ADCC championships to his list of accomplishements in 2000 as well.

Quite the year for BJJ and Submission Wrestling!

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