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Fans in Japan were still raving about the first legitimate shoot group (real fights).  Pancrase took Japan by storm with real fights (this later changed in rare cases).  UFC fans were also in awe of a new concept in the USA called "Ultimate Fighting Championship."

The immediate popularity of UFC 1, combined with Pancrase, prompted a historic surge in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu invading Japan.  Instantly, the Japanese groups started seeking out the Gracies and their form of Jiu Jitsu.  Months later, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu became a nationwide obsession.

PANCRASE "Yes, We Are Hybrid Wrestlers" took place on December 8, 1993 at Hakata Star Lanes in Fukuoka, Japan.

Five fights lasting a total of just over 20 minutes added to the legitimacy of Pancrase.  The eyes of the fans were opened as they got to see just how long REAL fights would last.  Other groups like UFWI and RINGS were more pro wrestling driven (predetermined and dramatic outcomes) but Pancrase was THE REAL DEAL!

Takaku Fuke defeated Katsuomi Inagaki in 6:18 seconds


Ryushi Yanagisawa beat Vernon "Tiger" White when White repeatedly lost points at 8:55.  Both took incredible amounts of abuse.


Minoru Suzuki, who two years later would become KING OF PANCRASE, submitted James Mathews in only :58 seconds.


Ken Shamrock tapped out Andre Van Den Oetalaar in just 1:04.  Shamrock was being groomed with Bas Rutten as the "bad guy foreigners."


Masakatsu Funaki, the superhero of the group, TKO Yoshiki Takahashi in 3:09.  Takahashi would later be the first Japanese Pancrase fighter to step into UFC.

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