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Gilbert Yvel: ‘I threw a right cross and it destroyed his face’

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Notorious character and master of the flying knee, Gilbert Yvel recently came back from a brief lay off to destroy Mike Kita in the opening moments second round.

After this recent emphatic win, the high-flying Dutchman mapped out his plans to get back in the cage as soon as possible when he recently spoke to

I heard you had a fight a couple of weeks ago, what happened in that one?

Yeah I had a fight in Holland against Mike Kita. First of all, my fight was planned to be at 9 o’clock, but at the end my fight was at one o’clock in the night, so I was really fucked up and my opponent was supposed to be a really good wrestler.

After 2 seconds we were already on the ground. He tried to do a figure four armbar, but he wasn’t strong enough and one moment later I was on his back. I was so surprised that I was on his back that I messed it up a little (laughs)

I need some time to get into the fight, I need some punches on my face, then I can do some damage. So we went to the ground and he tried two or three times for the armbar. Last 10 seconds of the first, I got him in a triangle, but I was in such a bad position, that I gave him some punches on his face.

Then the second round, the bell went and I noticed his left eye was closed, so the first thing that I did after the bell rings, I threw this right cross because he never saw it coming and it destroyed his face. It was a knock out one second into the second round. I put him in the hospital, I splattered his nose and he needed two or three operations to fix it.

Where have you been training recently?

I was training of course with John Lewis in Las Vegas, and with Randy Couture in Vegas and of course in Amsterdam. At the moment that’s it.

Have you got any fight scheduled at the moment?

No. The next fight I hope really soon because I can’t wait – I like to fight 6 times a year and I have this year only one fight, so it’s a little bit messed up. I had a fight two weeks ago and I need another fight in another three weeks – I got to have my rhythm.



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