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NO-GI Submission Grappling Tournament

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Approximate Start Times:

Adult Advanced                           10:30am
Adult novice/ beginner               12am
Adult intermediate                       3pm
Women/Teens                               3pm
Masters/Seniors (by weight)      3pm



Novice/Beginner: 0- 18 months

Intermediate: 18 months to 36 months
Advanced:        more than 36 months


Novice/Beginner: less than 12 months

Advanced: more than 12 months

Beginners: less than 12 months
Advanced: less than 12 months


Length of Matches:

Teens:        12-17       4 minutes
Novice/Beginner       4 minutes   
Intermediate:             5 minutes    
Advanced:                  6 minutes
Master/Senior:           5 minutes

Adult Men’s and Masters Weight Classes:

Super Feather:          -134 Lbs.

Feather:                     135-147 Lbs.
Light:                         148-160 Lbs.
Middle:                      161-173 Lbs.
Light Heavy:             174-187 Lbs.
Heavy:                       188-202 lbs.

Super Heavy:            203-213 Lbs.

Extra Heavy:             214-Over

For Women and Teens we will be using GROUP WEIGHT  ( they will be matched by age, skill and weight so everyone can have a fair match).


Each competitor must have a separate individual competitor registration sheet along with their fees and a signed waiver.
Fees are as follows:
$50 before and $65 on the day of the tournament, spectators  $10 donations to Jeremy’s trust fund.
NOTE: For pre-registrations please fax or bring the registration form to No Limits.


No Limits Fighting Sports & Fitness

1962 Barranca Parkway . Irvine, CA 92606
Tel.  (949)  251-8822

Fax: (949)  251-8833


The competition will be for single elimination.

 Note: There will be a fight for third place.

Driving Directions:
1962 Barranca Parkway . Irvine 92606

From Los Angeles or anywhere North:405 Freeway South to Jamboree, head
East(left),Barranca (left) Armstrong(right) Or you’re your nearer the 5 Freeway,
South to Jamboree head West (right) , Barranca (right), Armstrong (left).

From 55 Freeway West head, towards the Beach to Dyer East (left) to
Armstrong (right). Coming from the Beach head 55 Freeway heading East, exit
Dyer (it turns into Barranca at Redhill) (right) to Armstrong (right).

From San Diego: 5 Freeway North to Jamboree, to 405 Freeway North, head
East on Jamboree (right), Barranca (left), Armstrong (left) .

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