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That will be a great show for all Submission Fighting fans: Saturday 17th May at LA BASTIA Sport Hall in Livorno. A great card with international grapplers coming from various styles and experiences.

– 77 Kg ADCC Italy Iron Men

Michel Salvadori (France) BJJ black-belt from the Gracie Barra Cote d’Azur Team.
Jonatas Novaes (Brasil) BJJ black-belt from the Brasa Team.
Jean Monier (France) experienced grappler and international MMA fighter.
Andreas Achniotis (Cyprus) 2° dan Judo black-belt, relevant athlete of the ADCC Circuit.
Alessio Diliberti (Italy) one of the most relevant Italian grapplers, present at many events in Italy and abroad. ADCC Italy 2006-2007 Italian Champion – 77 Kg.
Simone Franceschini (Italy) ADCC Italy 2006-2007 Italian Champion – 73 Kg, one of the best BJJ and Submission Italian grapplers of the new generation.
Fabio Perlangeli (Italy) experienced Judo and Pankration athlete, Italian pluri-champion of Pankration Atlhima.

TBA the last Italian fighter, because of an injury at the last minute.

– 88 Kg ADCC Italy Superfights

Nicola Sacco (Italy) grappler of ADCC Italy Circuit with multiple presences at Submission events in Italy and abroad.
Boalem Benaissa (France) experienced French grappler and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu purple-belt. A mix of strength and speed.
Gustavo Freire (Brazil) Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black-belt of the Brasa Team.
Francesco Marangi (Italy) Judo black-belt , experienced athlete of Pankration.

– 99 Kg ADCC Italy Superfights

Karim Mosbah (France) Brazilian Jiu Jitsu brown-belt and European Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion.
Matteo Calamandrei (Italy) Coming from Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu,  ADCC Italy 2006-2007 Italian Champion + 88 Kg.
Samuel Monin (France) Brazilian Jiu Jitsu brown-belt and European Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion.
Francesco Mazzotta (Italia) Experienced athlete of Pankration

An international level card made of high quality fighters coming from the most relevant Grappling styles, and great performances assured! Further details on:

A special thank to all athletes who contacted us for the participation and weren’t inserted, because of the selections closed, among them: Pedro Rodriguez (POR), Manu Fernandez (SPA), Tito Beltram (SPA),  Laurent Bonafoux (FRA), Augusto Frota (SWI), Nicolas Renier (FRA), Marcelo Bocao (BRA).

ADCC Italy Staff best wishes to get well soon to the athletes who couldn’t participate, because of injuries: Andrea Baggio (ITA), Bernardo Serrini (ITA), Romina Costanzo (ITA), Felipe Enemoto (SWI), Yasubei Enemoto (SWI), Marianna Corriga (ITA).

"When the going gets tough… the tough get on tatame"

Thanks to everybody…..stay tuned for report, results, photos and videos.


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