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IFL next event tickets on sale January 12th

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IFL’s first show in ’08 takes place February 29th at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas. Although a line-up hasn’t been announced yet tickets go on sale January 12th

According to IFL’s most recent conference call this show is scheduled to be the debut of their new format, still team-based but with the teams consisting of existing teams such as Team Quest and Extreme Couture as opposed to the fabricated teams like the Wolfpack and Anacondas. Team Quest fields IFL Middleweight champion Matt Horwich and Lightweight champion Ryan Schultz while Extreme Couture fields Jay Hieron for example. Detail on how the process would work if for instance Team Quest were to face Team Renzo Gracie if the belt-holders’ titles would be on the line are up in the air depending on the cards themselves. 

This show also marks the move away from regional arenas and towards the established bases of Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Uncasville.   

IFL’s December 29th ’07 finals were the first to be aired in their entirety and this show is assumed but not confirmed to be the same. 

Look for more information including a full card in the days to come.

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