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If there is one word which best describes the Dynamite 2007 New Years Eve show it would have to be the word “absurdist.”  To qualify the entire gathering as absurd would be a blanket statement, but out of a thick fight card with many talented match ups, some of the matchmaking theme was definitely the Japanese styled; ‘David vs. Goliath.’

Whether it was Musashi versus a stand up comic, or Big Bob Sapp versus a smaller “Japanese TV Charisma” personality named Bobby, from the serious to the absurd nothing was missing, yet one particular individual encompassed the very sprit of striving towards perfection, cartoon perfection at that and only prefers big Super Large foes to overcome.

The human form formerly know as Ikuhisa Minowa, who once rose from Deep and PRIDE Bushido but now walks around in a dual reality in his cartoon superhero world is now Minowaman.  Always a conceptualist, in his human form this fighter always had a theme for each of his fights, whether it was “summer spirit” or

After the first bell, it was like a workout video for Minowaman, as he jogged circles around the very large Brazilian man, obviously the villain, Minowaman’s heel in this comic book universe everyone was then experiencing.  The hilarity was unequivocal, Zuluzinho was almost benign, and one could not help but crack up witnessing  this survival contest.  Eventually Minowa was folded over with the big man flipping over him from a standing position.  As Minowa endured all kinds of submission attempts Zuluzinho could not figure out how to finish, it was almost tragic. But little by little Minowaman, unlike a cartoon superhero, began to get tired from so much weight being stacked on him and so many fists coming down in stereo upon his face and torso.  But like a true comic book character, Minowaman did survive until the third round never giving up, although his corner did throw in the towel as Zuluzinho kept landing  the downward blows.

After all was said and done, Minowaman seemed more exhausted than damaged, and must have been disappointed with the unexplosive finish to the comic book story.  Perhaps bolts of lightning could have shocked Zuluzinho into  submission?  Or maybe he should have just gone ahead and displayed his super human power?

In conclusion, what have we learned from this Minowaman cartoon character is that it is way more important to enjoy what you do for a living, than trying to kill your opponent as soon as you step into the ring.  What the Japanese fighters refer to as “UFC style.” Obviously Minowaman believes in the power of entertainment and the absurd.

Report by Fernando Avila (

Photo by Hideto Ida (

PIC: Minowaman vs. Zuluzinho certainly was one of the most entertaining fights from the New Year’s Eve shows.

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