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Here are the results from the Lords of the Cage III event held at the Sold-Out Swinomish Northern Lights Casino this saturday, Aug 18th.

Amatuer Matches:
Fight #1. Eddie Grant and Eddie Dahlen.
Winner: Eddy Dahlen by TKO in rd 3.

Fight #2. Miles Coble vr Casey Gomez
Winner: Casey Gomes by TKO (Corner threw in towel) in rd 2

Fight #3. Robert Malphrus vs Coby Parmenter
Winner: Robert Malphrus by Triangle round 2

Fight #4. Matt C0ble vs Mike Hankes
Winner: Mike Hankes by Split Decision

Professional Fights:
Fight # 5. Liz Posener vr Brenda Brown
Winner: Liz Posener by armbar Rd 1

Fight #6. Gaylon Cooper vs Ernest Henderson
Winner: Ernest Henderson by TKO Rd 1

Fight #7. Adam Thomas vs Sterling Ford
Winner: Adam Thomas by RNC

Fight #8. Royi Neeman vs Jeremy Burnett
Winner: Jeremy Burnett by KO

Fight #9. Brady Grimnes vs Dean Henderson
Winner: Dean Henderson by Un. Decision

Fight #10. Buck Bisbey (Champion) vs Zack Skinner (Challenger) LOTC 145 Title Match
Winner: Buck Bisbey by TKO rd 5

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