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L-R: Guy Neivens with some of the winners: Ozawa, Shioda, Uematsu & promoter Mr.TakahashiADCC Trials Japan yielded a HOT crop of entries into the main event. With Names like Uematsu, Sugie and Okama amongst others taking first place, Japan will have one of its strongest teams in quite some time. Below are results and pictures from the trials courtesy Manabu Takashima. To purchase tickets for the 2007 ADCC go to Buy ADCC ticketsUp to 66kgNaoya Uematsu ( Crosspoint/ JFC) Up to 77kgDaisuke Sugie ( ALIVE)Up to 88kgYushin Okami ( Keisyukai Tokyo)Up to 99kgYukiyasu Ozawa ( Team-KAZE)Over 99kgNaomichi Nagata ( Cobra-kai) Women up to 55kgSayaka Shioda ( AACC)Women up to 60kgTakayo Hashi ( Keisyukai Tokyo) Women up to 65kgKeiko Tamai ( Tomoe-gumi)Women over 65kg Yoko Takahashi ( Tomoe-gumi)

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