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Below is the 2007 ADCC Ladies line directly from the organizers. Looks like a very tough field throughout: To purchase tickets for the 2007 ADCC go to Buy ADCC ticketsUnder 121 pounds FELICIA OH (NA Trials Champion) MEGUMI FUJI BIANCA ANDRADE (Brazil Trials Champion) CINDY HALES (USA) Reserved JAPANESE TRIALS Jean Alvisse – AUSTRALIA TRIALS 121-132 pounds KYRA GRACIE (Champion) BrazilCASSANDRA RIVERS-BLASO (NA Trials Champion) TARA LAROSA (USA) VANESSA PORTO (Brazil Trials Champion) AMANDA BUCKNER (USA) HITOMI AKANO Reserved JAPANESE TRIALS Caoimhe McGill (Northern Ireland) Europe Trials Rebecca Attwood – AUSTRALIA TRIALS 132-147 DEBBIE PURCELL (USA) JULIANA BORGES (Defending Champion) STACEY CARTWRIGHT (Australia) HANNETTE STACK (Brazil Trials Champion) KELLY PAUL (NA Trials Champion) Shayna Baszler – USAReserved JAPANESE TRIALS Marloes Coenen (Holland) EUROPE TRIALS Fiona Muxlow – AUSTRALIA TRIALS Over 147 CELITA SCHULTZ (NA Trials) OLGA BAKALAPOULOUS (Canada) ROSANGELA CONCEICAO (Brazil Trials) LANA STEFANIC (USA) Reserved JAPANESE TRIALS Reserved EUROPE TRIALS Maryanne Mullahy – AUSTRALIA TRIALS

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