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Hi everybody! We would like to invite you for the 1st Limburg Open on Saturday 19th of May. The tournament will be Jiu Jitsu as well as Grappling and we will have beginner and advanced categories. THE WINNER OF THE NO-GI OPEN CLASS WILL GET 150 EURO!!! JIU JITSUThe rules for Jiu Jitsu are the official rules of the CBJJ ( Belt fights will last 5 minutes, blue belt is 6 minutes and elite is 7 minutes. No leglocks for white belts, for blue and elite only the straight leglock is allowed. GRAPPLINGThe point system of the CBJJ will be used. All arm locks (including biceps lock), all leg locks (including heel hook, toehold etc) and straight neck cranks (no twisted neck or spine attacks) will be allowed.Beginner is a White Belt or has less then 1,5 year of experience with ground fighting.Advanced is Blue Belt and up or more then 1,5 year of experience with ground fighting. The girls are also allowed to compete in the Open Class Grappling.This way everybody can have a fair chance to win the pricemoney! PRIZESThe winner of the Open Class Grappling will get 150 euro. Medals will be awarded for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. WEIGHT CLASSES & INSCRIPTIONOfficial CBJJ weight classes: Men: -67kg, – 73 kg, – 79 kg, -85 kg , -91 kg , -97 kg, + 97 kgWomen: -60kg and +60kg (This can change depending on the number of inscriptions we get) Pre-inscription can be done until May 17th by sending an email to:[email protected] In your email; mention your name, weight class and level (beginner/advanced).The inscription fee is 15 euro for Jiu Jitsu and Grappling untill the 17th of may. Afterwards its 20 euro.This fee can be paid at the weigh-in. First 50 inscriptions will receive a T-shirt. Weigh- in is from 9.00 untill 10:00 and competition starts at 11.00. There will be fight gear for sale from Zona MMA. LOCATIONStedelijke sporthal Grotebaan 171 3511 Kuringen, Hasselt You can find all the info on

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