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$1,000,000 Bounty placed on Kimo’s head in New Era Fighting’s ‘World’s Toughest Man’ contest

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SANTA ANA, California (February 19, 2007) – The highest purse ever offered in the history of Mixed Martial Arts competition — $1,000,000 – could be on the line for the winner of the New Era Fighting-promoted ‘World’s Toughest Man’ contest. New Era Fighting (NEF), the internationally booming mixed martial arts organization combining the raw brutality of UFC with the entertainment value of WWE, will hold a series of international level tryouts, tentatively scheduled to begin June 15-17, at a venue in Orange Country, California. Each tryout in the proposed series will be conducted during a three-day tournament during an 8-10 month period. Combat fighters selected will advance to the next round, where they will fight each other in a tournament format to eventually determine the remaining 10 survivors. The 10 tryout-survivors and some fighters already signed to NEF promotional contracts will compete on a show in either California or Las Vegas. The winner will be crowned ‘World’s Toughest Man’ and be offered an anticipated $1,000,000 winner-take-all fight against living legend Kimo Leopoldo, headlining a full card for a pay-per-view broadcast live from in Las Vegas at a date to be determined. Kimo, the undisputed superstar of New Era Fighting, in effect has had a $1-million bounty placed on his head. ‘I’ve had a bounty, of sorts, on me my entire life in one way or another,’ Kimo said. ‘I’ve fought in a lot of other organizations and what we’re (NEF) doing is bringing up the average purse for NEF fighters as well as give fighters with other organizations another option and leverage in terms of earning more money. There are no excuses for any fighter (heavyweight) to enter the NEF tournament. If champions and top contenders from other organizations want to fight in the ‘World’s Toughest Man’ tournament, they are welcome to fight and have sufficient time to work things out. Instead of just claiming that they’re the best or the baddest fighters in the MMA world, now they all have the chance to prove it. ‘For any of them to even have a remote chance of beating me and winning the $1,000,000, though, they’ll have to look me in the eyes and go where I’m willing to go to win – whatever it takes, no limits with the force and 100-percent spirit. They will need to be a complete fighter – kicking, striking, cardio, etc. – to get through the tournament and then fight me. This is street-fighting that crosses over to sports. I’ve been in this sport 12 years and it is evolving through New Era Fighting, which will use the toughness of old-school fighting combined with the great athleticism of today. New Era Fighting will be the only MMA organization with a poll of complete fighters.’ NEF president Ron Kort noted that the ‘World’s Toughest Man’ contest will not only give fighters an opportunity to ultimately fight Kimo for $1-million, but also be scouted in the tournament for their fighting ability and charisma outside of the ring for a potential NEF promotional contract offer. ‘I’m in the process of reviewing bids and proposals to lockdown venues, television relationships, and sponsors but nothing has been finalized, yet,’ Kort explained. ‘We are in no hurry and understand the importance of aligning ourselves with the right marketing relationships. Our rules for this show are different from what MMA fans are used to seeing. They will insure the safety of fighters as well as constant action in the ring. We think outside of the box, something most MMA promoters don’t do, and that’s why our popularity is growing every day. We know what fighters need and MMA fans want and we’re selfless enough to give it to them.’ For more information about New Era Fighting go on line to

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