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Written by Deadly Hooks Saturday, 30 September 2006 Tournament ScheduleNote: Novice division weight in as your catagory gets called.All competitors please bring your waiver form with you signed.Please check your weight catagoryAll fighters are advised to turn up to the rules meeting at 11am to avoid any misunderstanding that may occur by a competitor or coach.We also will be enforcing fully, the zero tolerance rule of disrespecting, threatening with physical violence, or verbally abusing referees (or promoters) for the entirety of the event. If any coach, parent, or competitor threatens or abuses the referee in any shape or form, they will be escorted out of the building and banned from any future event by the European Fight Network and its partners.Try to be there an hour before your weight gets called. Things might go early.11 am ? Rules meetingWeight in: 77 kg to 87.9kg Advanced divisionWeight in: Under65.9kg Advanced division12 pm77 kg to 87.9kg Advanced divisionWoman Over 60kgs Novice divisionWoman Over ?50kg Novice division12:30 pmUnder65.9kg Advanced divisionWeight in: 66 kg to 76.9kg Advanced divisionWeight in: 88 kg to 98.9kg Advanced division2 pm66 kg to 76.9kg Advanced division88 kg to 98.9kg Advanced division99 kg and over Advanced divisionWeight in: Woman Under 60kg Advanced divisionWeight in: Woman Over 60kgs Advanced division3 pmWoman Under 60kg Advanced divisionWoman Over 60kgs Advanced divisionNovice: -61kgNovice: -67kg4 pmWomans Absolute Advanced divisionWomans Absolute Novice divisionNovice: -73kgNovice: -79kgNovice: -85kg5 pmWomans Absolute Advanced divisionNovice: -91kgNovice: -100kgNovice: +100kg6 pmMens Absolute Advanced divisionMens Absolute Novice division

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