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Japan’s Submission Fighting world did not appear ADCC world champion after Sanae Kikuta on 2001.We did not have not only winner but also almost competitors lost 1nd or 2ndround at 2003 and 2005 World. And now, We make a start ADCC JAPAN ( Nippon Submission Fighting Federation) what overcomes some political problems for making Open weigh World Champion form ASIA. A representative of ADCC JAPAN is Kuniaki Hamajima who run Professional andamateur Jiujitsu & Grappling events since 2002. The member of executive committee of ADCC JAPAN as following, ADCC world, PRIDE, SHOOTO, MFC and Cage Rage veteran, Hiroyuki Abe formAACC academy. Yoshinori Umeki who is one of the best referees in MMA world runs Pancrasecatch wrestling tournament.Masao Katsui who have made women grappling tournament under Smack Girlpromotions what is most famous women MMA promotion.Toyoki Kubo is GCM communication and WK network leader. He made JapaneseContenders.Taro Wakabayashi who is one of most important person built Japan??s MMA andJiujitsu up. He runs Paraestra group with Yuki Nakai whois father of Japanese BJJ world. Also Taro found Amateur Shooto competitions on every corner of Japan.One more person will be come from Japanese BJJ federation later.Hamajima told that ?? ADCC JAPAN will make primary Japan trial on February,and makes Japan trial on March in Tokyo. We??d like tocontact with Grappling organization all over the AISIAN countries. Pleasee-mailing to [email protected] for keep in touch.??The first job of ADCC JAPAN is making official referees.Marko Leisten and Peter Baltaliyski will come down to Japan and makingreferee seminar on 23rd and 24th in Tokyo.Also Hamajima will make 1st official ADCC Japan competition on 9th and 10thOctober as IF PROJECT promotions. ADCC JAPAN makes only Japan Trial and National Championships. Executive committee member will run ADCC JAPAN official Competition untilMarch 2007. ?? After 2007 world championships, we will make regional organization each blocks in Japan. They will start tomaking regional championships and beginner, intermediate and advanced tournament which have each Junior, Adults andMaster class.?? said Hamajima.He also have Pro-Nogi tournament ?? Gi ( ground impact) Grappling tournament2006?? at DIFFER Ariake.It is coming two weight class tournament such as 66.9kg and 76kg.66.7kg will be 8 men tournament and participants will be Naoya Uematsu, Tetsu Hadairo Suzuki, Yukinori Sasa, Tatsuya Onose,Yuki MACHO Dragon Ishikawa, Katsuya Toida and two more.Also 76kg 4 men tournament participants will be K-Taro Nakamura, Bill Cooper, Steve Magdaleno and probably Daisuke Sugie Amazon.

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