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Veteran Blogger WHALEDOG has been pum ping out details on the UFC’s latest event, UFC 61: BITTER RIVALS. HIs site is always great reading, but has featured several noteworthy articles that deserve attention! Check them out now at!Pride and the UFC – the shot heard round the worldThe reverberations from the announcement that Wanderlei Silva is going to fight Chuck Liddell in the November UFC card are just beginning to be has a translation of a Japanese language press release from the Pride website declaring an all-out pro-wrestling style ‘war’ between the promotions. According to Pride, Kazuyuki Fujita will also fight in the November card and UFC fighters may appear in Pride October show in Las Vegas.Phil Baroni has announced that will also represent Pride in the November UFC card.MMA Weekly asks a very good question: What are the Pride fighters going to do about the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s drug testing policies?Zach Arnold has a two-part analysis of the Pride vs. UFC cross promotion.Ivan Trembow from MMA Weekly comments in my post below:Read the rest of the article at WHALEDOG: scared is the UFC of the WFA?I got a call this afternoon from an MMA insider who told me that the UFC kicked Jeremy Lappen, the CEO of the World Fighting Alliance, out of last night’s show. So, I decided to call Lappen to get confirmation and find out what he did to get kicked out.?I had just sat down in the front row seats given to me by Ken Shamrock and security told me I had to leave,? Lappen told me. ?I showed them my ticket and asked why I was being kicked out. They said it was because I did not have a credential. I told them that nobody in that section had a credential, but a UFC official and 3 security guards escorted me out of the venue, out of the casino and into the cab line. They put me in a cab and made me leave the casino.?That?s it. According to Lappen, he did not do anything other than use a ticket given to him by a headliner.Well, actually, Lappen did do something else. He signed Quinton ?Rampage? Jackson, Bas Rutten, Matt Lindland, Kimo Loeplodo, Jason ?Mayhem? Miller, Lyoto Machida, Ricco Rodriguez, Ron Waterman, Vernon White and ‘Razor’ Rob McCollough to fight in the WFA?s July 22nd card. Plus, the WFA has the nerve to be on the verge of signing a deal with Showtime to air its fights.Read the rest of the article at WHALEDOG:

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