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Japanese World Judo champion enchanted by brazilian ground technique

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Last two weeks, when japanese Judo team came to Brazil to train with brazilian national Judo team, the big star of japanese team Satoshi Ishii – the youngest world champion in Judo history ( under 100kg category) – got really impressed by the brazilians ground technique. ‘ This interchange was a very nice experience. We learned a lot of ne-waza (ground technique) with Jiu-Jitsu people. It?s very hard to train with the brazilians in the ground because they have a pretty flexible body and their technique is totally diferent from europeans that uses more power’, sumarized Ishii to O Globo, one of the most important newspapers of Brazil. Satoshi Ishii is the youngest talent from the new generation of japanese Judo. His international recognition came after his amazing win last world Judo Championship when he beated in the final of absolute category (+100kg) the world champion, Keiji Suzuki. Conquering the most important title of the sport at the age of 19 years and four months, Ishii beated the record of the legendary, Yasuhiro Yamashita (four times world champion and gold medalist in Los Angeles olimpic games 1984), that won his first world title at 19 years and 10 months. During the two weeks of hard trainment in Rio and S?o Paulo Ishii avoided to talk about his amazing conquer with local press. ‘It was a title like any other title. My goal now is train for the World teams competittion that will take place in Setember in Paris’, said the humble champion, who returned to Japan, last thursday night, after realize his desire of visiting Rio de Janeiro beaches and also the famous statue of the Christ (Christ the Redemptor) from where He could see one of the most beatifull views of his life.

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