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Kid Peligro Jiu-Jitsu News . . . Brazilian National Titles Results – Garcia wins Weight and Absolute

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Garcia is the big name in the 2006 Brazilian National Titles:After a difficult year marked by several nagging injuries Marcelo Garcia returns to the podium with full force by winning the weight and Absolute in the 2006 Brazilian National Titles. On the way to his win Garcia defeated his weight rival Andre Galvao twice (once by submission and then by pts) and Demian Maia, proving that Garcia ‘IS BACK!’ When asked about his return to the top, Garcia stated: ‘I was never gone! I had a difficult year last year with many injuries that caused me to gain 22 pounds in weght. When I tried to quickly lose weight to compete it caused several other health problems, but this is another year. After being close in ’04 when I ended up 2nd behind Xande now I am at the top of the Nationals and I am getting closer each day to my ultimate goal. I will keep training and competing until I reach my ultimate goal which is winning the World’s Absolute title!’ This week Garcia travels to Los Angeles, California to compete in the SUB-X.The National Titles also marked the return to the podium of another champion Rodrigo ‘Comprido’, who after a few years on the fringe appears to be returning to the form that gave him 2 World Absolute titles: ‘I have been on the podium but not on the top for some time now, but today they gave me an opening and I did my thing. I am happy to be back, its been a while and it feels great.’ 2006 Brazilian National Titles Results:Absolute:Marcelo Garia v Demian Maia – Garcia pts 2 x 0RoosterGabriel Moraes (Monteiro JJ) x Daniel Otero (Fabricio JJ) – Moraes by pts 4 x 2Super-featherSebastian Lalli (Equipe 1) x Carlos Esquisito (Oswaldo Alves) – Esquisito by pts 11 x 0FeatherJonatas Gurgel (Fernando Boi) x Bruno Frazatto (BTT) – Frazatto 2 x 0LightThiago Alves (Barbosa JJ) x Alexandre ‘Pulga’ Pimentel (Nova Gera??o) – Pimentel by pts 14 x 2MediumMarcelo Garcia (Alliance) x Andre Galvao (TT) – Garcia 8 x 2 ptsMedium-heavyRomulo Barral (Gracie Barra/BH) x Fabio Trindade (Monteiro JJ) – Barral by submission – ChokeHeavyEduardo Telles (TT) x Jefferson Moura (Gracie Barra) – Moura by pts 5 x 2Super pesadoRodrigo Comprido (Brasa) x Mauro Santos (Gracie Barra) – Roberto Tozzi and Roberto Abreu, were disqualified in the semi’s for lack of combativity – Comprido wins by submission KimuraOverAdriano Camolese (God?i/BTT) and teamamte Luiz Theodoro closed out the bracket – Camolese in first

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