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Derrick Noble got the call he was waiting for this week when the UFC offerred him a fight at UFC 59: Reality Check in Anaheim, California. A chance to fight an old foe, Noble will make his UFC debut with only a few weeks notice against Thiago Alves. Here is what Derrick had to say about his debut and whether or not he will fight Eddie Alvarez in June at the MFC. ADCC: Derrick, before we get to the UFC questions, lets talk about your last fight with Carlo Prater at MFC 6 on March 3rd, 2006. You pretty much gave him all he could handle. Were you satisfied on how that fight went and did it follow your game plan? DERRICK: I was satisfied, the fight went pretty much how I planned, I knew he was going to try to take me down and use the clinch and I stopped that and controlled the fight.ADCC: That fight was for the right to fight Eddie Alvarez for the MFC welterweight title in June. A lot of east coast fans want to see that fight. Win or lose, will you still be fighting Eddie? DERRICK: I still plan on fighting Eddie. I want that belt. I think it will be a good fight, and I plan to come prepared to deal with anything he brings.ADCC: Ok, now let

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