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ADCC Submission Wrestling Open 1 February 11th, 2006 Coral Springs Gymnasium, Coral Springs, FL‘The ADCC Open series has gotten off the ground in Florida, and the tournament was a great success’ states ADCC spokesperson Miguel Iturrate. ‘We will have a schedule announcement of the ADCC’s next SWO event. We want to thank all the particpants – the tournament went very smoothly and the competitors were very eager to try the ADCC rules in competition. The results led to several very competitive matches and great action in many of the divisions.’ KIDS LIGHT1st place – Matt Bartlett 2nd place – Marcos Gomes3rd Place – LucasKIDS MED1st place – Sal Guerreiro (ATT)2nd place – Alberto Espadilla (ATT)3rd Place – Jake RothchildUP TO 66 KG Beginner1st place – Ted Connors2nd place – Alex Anaya3rd place – Alban OrozUP TO 66 KG Intermediate1st place – Robert Freilich One Dragon2nd place – Andrew Cargill Rollyson / Diniz JJ3rd place – Bob Myrick Team VelocityUP TO 66 KG Advanced1st place – Reynaldo Duarte2nd place – Antonio Sobrinito Jr3rd place – Eben Oroz66-77 KG Beginner1st place – Freddy Assuncao ATT2nd place – Bruce Conners Gracie Barra Orlando3rd place – Pablo Alfonso ATT66-77 KG Intermediate1st place – Rob Schwartz 2nd place – Randy Borroso (ATT)3rd place – Mike Bruno (ATT)66-77 KG Advanced1st place – Edson Diniz (ATT)2nd place – Italo Ferreira (ATT)3rd place – Eric Koble (Grapplers Edge)77-87 KG Beginner1st place – Felipe Amarante LOTUS CLUB FLORIDA 2nd place – Jesse Noel (ATT)3rd place – Jeffrey Comparato (ATT)77-87 KG Intermediate1st place – Sam McCoy ATT2nd place – Johnathan Stewart (ATT)3rd place – Albert Uteras Gracie Barra Orlando77-87 KG Advanced1st place – Vitor Pimenta 2nd place – Ailton Azeredo ATT98.9 KG Beginner1st place – Brian Fuery Team Popovitch2nd place – Eric Magalahenes Team Popovitch3rd place – Nick Rosado Lotus Club Florida98.9 KG Advanced1st place – Denis Kang (ATT)2nd place – Brian Harper Caique – Warrior Way

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