DENIS MARTINS: Hi Jon, you have had no MMA fights since 2003. What did you do during this time? Just focus on your submission career? JON-OLAV EINEMO: Since 2003 I have been training on and off. Due to the injuries, I had a foot operation that I was supposed to be at home on the same day of the surgery, but it ended up to be a nightmare that almost cost me my leg. I got some flesh-eating bacteria, a long hospital stay, and a really long rehabilitation time before returning to the training. However, now it is all good and I feel ready again.DENIS MARTINS: I am sorry to hear it. So the injuries were the main factor keeping you away? EINEMO: Well, during this time I have not really been in shape. Money has also been a subject, because it is not easy to support yourself only with MMA. I have a son that has taken a lot of time, but that is all good and I want be there for him. I did not have a contract either, so it is hard to focus on training when you do not see any money coming in. Now the situation has changed, I got a contract and can focus on training.DENIS MARTINS: ADCC 2003 in Brazil is, until now, your main award in the fight-sport. How do you see your career prior to and after this award? EINEMO: Well to take the title in 2003 was of course the highlight so far in my career, and that is also the reason why I get the chance now to go and fight against the best. To conquer that title was a dream that came true. I am sorry I could not defend it well as I hoped in 2005. But there were so many good guys and the margins are small between victories and defeats. However it was good to show that I had something to do in the world championship. Since I in 2001 (Einemo beat Rigan Machado and Rolles Gracie) was only blue belt with 2-3 years of training, and I think many people did not think I had anything to do there in ADCC 2001.DENIS MARTINS: In 2003 you submitted Alexandre ‘Cacareco’ Ferreira and beat (by points) Roger Gracie. We expected to see you fighting MMA in major events after these victories, mainly due to the ADCC title. Did not you receive any proposal from the major events around the World? EINEMO: Like I stated before, the main reason has been injuries that kept me away from training. Also, I live in Norway, and I think it is one of the most expensive countries to live and the MMA sport is not popular here. I do not have any sponsors, so I can not keep focusing on training only. I have my son there, and it is impossible for me to move somewhere else. If you want go to train somewhere to get good sparring, its cost money, plane, accommodations, etc?DENIS MARTIINS: ADCC 2005 was not great for you like ADCC 2003, as you lost there. How disappointing was this for you and is there any reason of not getting the same success as you did in ADCC 2003? EINEMO: Well 2005 was a little bit frustrating, but you can not win every time. I had a little bad luck when parts of my chest muscle tore 6 weeks before the competition, and I stopped the training. The injury wasn’t completely healed when I went to USA, so it tore again in the second round of the competition. But the level is so high now, so I do not know if I would do any thing better if I was ok. Just to be mentioned with Roger Gracie was amazing in ADCC 2005.DENIS MARTINS: Your teammate, Joachim Hansen, had fought often in Pride Bushido. How do you see his success and what kind of recognition have his performances brought to Scandinavian fighters? EINEMO: Joachim has made all of us proud now and I think he has proved himself to be one of the top fighters in his weight-class. He has opened a lot of doors for all Scandinavian fighters, and he is a really good person with a good heart! Team Scandinavia does not exist anymore, but we are trying to build our own team in Norway now. Joachim has trained hard for many years, and I think he deserves the success he has lately. He is still young so he has not reached his peak yet.DENIS MARTINS: With a record of 5-0 (not one of the fights won by decision) you are going to PRIDE 31 in Saitama. How is preparation going, and when did you start your preparation for this event? EINEMO: My resume is 5-0, but it is not many fights, and PRIDE is a new level of fights for me. I am currently in Australia and training with Hape (Mark Hunt’s coach) and that is supporting me. The level of the trainings here are high in Hunt and the other others Samoan monsters of the Oceania SuperFighters. They are really treating me well and it is a big help for me. Here is really hot, and there is nothing like the cold of Norway, even so they make me feel like home. I started training for this fight about 2 months ago, but since I do not have many big guys to train with in Norway, I am happy to get the chance to come here.DENIS MARTINS: Since the announcement of your participation, did you know that Fabricio Werdum was your opponent? EINEMO: I did not know before it was announced, I have had several possible opponents but nothing was confirmed before last week. So it could have been anybody who was scheduled to fight on this card!DENIS MARTINS: What do you think about Werdum as a fighter? EINEMO: Werdum is a good fighter, and I think he is in the top 5 in Pride and it will be a tough fight. We are little similar, we have our background in BJJ, we are both tall and about the same weight. He has already 3 fights in Pride and has done well in all.DENIS MARTINS: Jon, how would you define yourself like fighter to casual fans are who are not close to your game and just have information about you from fighters’ database? EINEMO: This is hard to talk about myself like that, but I see myself like a fighter who tries to finish the fight and I will try to do just that.DENIS MARTINS: I am sure you have watched PRIDE events often. What do you think about the heavyweight division, and besides Emelianenko Fedor (the champion), who are the best fighters in this category? EINEMO: I think PRIDE has the best fighters of all the organizations. I have always been a fan of Rodrigo ‘Minotauro’ Nogueira, and one day I may get the chance to feel his power. The open-weight grand prix is coming this year, and if I get the chance I would love to try and take that title. But there are many other guys who want the same!DENIS MARTINS: Werdum trains with Mirko ‘Cro Cop’ FIlipovic and you saw what he showed on his feet against Sergey Kharitonov. And you are with Hunt, but based on the game of both of you; this fight has a big chance of going to the ground. What do you think? EINEMO: I think the fight between Werdum and I will probably go to the ground, because we are both comfortable there but who knows? ?a fight is a fight and anything can happen. What I know is, I will do everything I can to win and I am sure he will as well!DENIS MARTINS: What is your belt in BJJ now? EINEMO: I have a brown belt in BJJ, but I do not train with a gi anymore. If I get the chance and time I would love to wear it again and maybe I can get a black-belt some day.DENIS MARTINS: What can fans expect from you on this fight? EINEMO: I hope to give a good performance for everybody and that it will be exciting to watch, and hopefully I will end it with a submission.I have a lot of people to thank the guys who got me into training, they are Trond Skjetne, and Peter who was the guy showed me my first technique when we were just friends training together. Richard Bolennius, Jari, my jiu jitsu teacher Marcelo Santiago, Kjetil Vigre, Marcus, Fredrik and all the guys in Norway; and off course now, Happe, Hunt, Luke, and Dave. Plus all the guys down here in Australia, who let me come here to train and treating me so good. My family at home, and my all friends – thanks.

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