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2005 US Open San Da Championships Weigh ins and ‘making weight’

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All San Da competitors must weigh in to compete. There will be two opportunities to weigh in but please note the following rules regarding weigh insThe first weigh in will be held Friday December 9, 2005 between 3 pm and 9 pm. They will be held atComfort Suites at Woodbridge1275 Route 1 & 9 SouthAvenel, New Jersey 07001Phone: (732) 396-3000Check with Front Desk upon arrival for location of weigh-insAt this weigh in, if you do not make the weight class you registered for have three options;1. Compete at another weight class.2. Weigh in again before we close the session that night.3. Come back in the morning during the same day weigh ins.Day of tournament weigh insThere will be a weigh in the morning of the event at the tournament location. However, in order to make the brackets, start on time and run smoothly the following rule will be enforced.If you weigh in and are the weight you indicated on your pre-registration form, there is NO PROBLEM. Note, you will also have approximately 2 hours to weigh in and ‘make weight’ that morning. In addition, we allow a half KG (1 pound) weight difference the day of the event. So if you registered for the 154 class and are 155 the day of the event, there is NO PROBLEMHowever, if you elect to wait until the morning of the tournament to weigh in, do not make weight, and can not make weight within the two hours we are doing same day registration, you will not be allowed to compete.If you have any questions about this matter, contact Sifu David A Ross at (212) 239 8619 or [email protected]

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