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BTT x Chute Boxe: 7 years of war

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by Marcelo Alonso / Team TatameThis month Tatame Magazine (# 117) brings a cover report on a very interesting subject for MMA fans all over the world – the whole history of rivalry of Brazilian Top Team and Chute Boxe. 14 fights, with 7 wins for each. The report recalls all chapters of the history. From the first encounter between Vitor Belfort and Wanderlei Silva in UFC Brazil (1996), thru the explosive discussion between Ricardo Arona and Wanderlei backstage of Pride 16 (2001) and all the details about the 14 confrontations between both teams. The report also concern the future challenges between the two biggest brazilian teams that must happen to change the current draw score (7×7). Next week Alexandre Cacareco (BTT) will face Julio Jamanta (Chute Boxe) in Manaus (Jungle Fight). On December 31st, the score will change again with Wanderlei and Arona fighting for the Middleweight champion belt. And if that’s not enought for brazilian fans, after Ninja challenged Paulo Filho last Pride, this fight started to be the most discussed subject in Brazil. Even with all the ‘spice’, the text shows that the old war turned into a professional rivalry, as says Murilo Bustamante: ‘I hope ten years later, the rivalry will look like a basketball, like 100 x 102. This professional rivalry is good for the sport. It means one will always train harder to beat the other’ ends Bustamante.

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