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FCFF ‘Rumble at the Roseland 17’ Results

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Rumble at the Roseland 17Portland, OR.COMPLETE RESULTS:Main EventHeavyweight Championship- Josh Bennett def. Trent Standing: Unanimous DecisionBennett New Heavyweight Champion Middleweight Championship- Thomas La Cour def. Scott Trayhorn: 2:21 Rd. 1 TapoutThomas La Cour New Middleweight Champion Welterweight Championship- Justin Nelson def. Evan Dunham: :26 Rd. 2 TapoutJustin Nelson New Welterweight Champion Lightweight Championship- Keisuke Andrew def. Rick Cayo: :47 Rd. 1 TapoutKeisuke Andrew still Lightweight Champion – Clarence Barela def. Nic Kunig: Did not answer the 2nd rd.- Matt Lowry def. Guy Gallear: Referee Stoppage 4:47 rd. 1- Lance Waldinger def. Kris Knepper: 2:23 Rd. 1: Tapout- Cody Bras def. Brett Schreiner: Unanimous Decision- Shawn Freeze def. Derek Bugge: Tapout :50 Rd. 1- Brad Horner def. Aaron Sutton: Referee Stoppage :56 Rd. 1- Andy Lukesh def. Brent Smith: :57 Rd. 1 Tapout- Mike Maginn def. Bryce Kaff: Referee Stoppage 4:45 Rd. 2- Dylan Lindell def. Dustin Shorey: Majority Decision- Jake Richmond def. Andy Eiccholz: Unamimous Decision

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