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The 8th Arizona Grappling Challenge was held in Mesa, Arizona on October 15th . Schools from Arizona, California, Nevada, and New Mexico competed at the tournament. The AZGC was sponsored by Hardcore Clothing Co., Waltz Construction, One Stop Nutrition, HCK Kimonos, Arizona Combat Sports, and standouts of the tournament were: At the white belt, Lucas Hodges (Gustavo Dantas/ACS) won the Middle-Heavyweight division and took second at the submission wrestling division. In the blue Belt division, the stand out was Jay White (Cobra Kai), who won the blue belt/featherweight. In the purple belt class, Steve Rosenberg (Gustavo Dantas/ACS) took the lightweight Division. Steve also won the submission wrestling division with three submissions. The stand out of the tournament was Romulo Barral (Santa Fe BJJ), won the brown belt/middle-heavy weight and the submission wrestling division. Romulo submitted all his opponents.Full results available soon at .The next tournament promoted by Arizona Combat Sports will be on 02/18/06.KIDS Team Results1st place ? Megaton (45 points)2nd place – Gustavo Dantas/ACS (27 points)3rd place ? Santa Fe BJJ (21 points)BJJ Team Results1st place – Gustavo Dantas/ACS (95 points)2nd place ? Megaton (41 points)3rd place ? BJJ Revolution (30 points)SUBMISSION WRESTLING Team Results:1st place – Gustavo Dantas/ACS (30 points)2nd place ? Cobra Kai (23 points)3rd place ? Santa Fe BJJ (21 points)

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