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Text by Andre Araajo – Team TATAME Paulo Filho did one of the easiest bouts of his career at the last Pride Bushido GP, which took place on September 25th at Ariake Colosseum in Tokyo, Japan. He did the alternate bout against Japanese fighter Ryuta Sakurai and did not have too much trouble. ‘Without question it was one of the easiest fights I’ve done in Pride. It was really calm,’ he said. It was the last fight of Paulo’s contract with Pride, but he renewed with the Japanese organization to do one fight before the end of 2005. ADCC – Your fight against Ryuta Sakurai sounds like you didn’t have too much trouble with him. Were you concerned with him before the fight? Paulo Filho – He has such a heavy hand! He tried a key-lock on the floor, but I think he got scared with me on the floor. I was really calm and on the ground I tried a kimura and he escaped. Then I took him down with a single-leg and he got scared to get out and gave up his back. I punched him a little bit and then submitted him.ADCC – After beating your opponent, did you cheer for somebody to get hurt, so you would be able to fight in the tourney? Paulo Filho – I didn’t create any expectations like that, because if one of the fighters got injured after fighting, the loser would replace the one who got injured. So, for me to take a place in the finals, two of the fighters had to get injured.ADCC – Few days ago, Chute Boxe’s leader Rudimar Fedrigo said he and his crew would cheer for Murilo Bustamante, in the final of the tournament. What do you say about it? Paulo Filho – I think it’s very nice of Rudimar Fedrigo. It is a good thing that he cheers for Murilo Bustamante in the finals. If it’s for real, I think it’s great. I will not make any controversial statement about it. Whoever does not like Murilo does not like anybody! Once (Daniel) Acacio is not qualified to the finals, I don’t see a point for him not to cheer for the Brazilian guy.ADCC – You usually fight as Middleweight – what do you feel fighting as a Welterweight? Paulo Filho – Well it does not matter to me. I fight well at welterweight division and also at middleweight. My natural weight is 94kg but I did feel good fighting lighter. However, I prefer to fight at my natural weight.ADCC – This was your last fight by contract with Pride. What are your plans now?Paulo Filho – It was my last bout of my contract with Pride. However I’ve signed another contract.

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